Ding Yi smiled,It’s him,She pinched her lips,Prevent cracking of the mask on the lips,Said:“Hesitating,It rang the second time。”

Jiang Fan said:“I know you are hesitating,after,You can answer the phone at home,do not forget,You are the master of the house。correct,what are you doing,Why do I listen to you something wrong?”
Ding Yi smiled,Know there is no one next to him,Just said:“I am doing beauty,Face mask,Talking hard。”
“Haha,Good good,Did you use the cosmetics I bought for you??”
“The day I bought pajamas,I accidentally saw the brand you used,Bought it by the way,You should take care of your face,correct,I ordered black-bone chicken soup from the army canteen,Sent in a while,You want to open the door。”
“Has come。”
“Oh,Drink it while it’s hot。All right,I’m here,I’ll call you later。”
Just when she lowered her head to put the phone,Only then did she see clearly on the slippers she was wearing,There is actually a cartoon like her zodiac,This pair of slippers,Jiang Fan bought it this time,Pink,The zodiac pattern above is white,Cute and playful,Very vivid。
It seems that Jiang Fan is really hard,Her heart is warm,Revel in Jiang Fan’s infinite love。
Time is almost up,She washes off the mask on her face,And did some necessary smearing,I suddenly felt this face in the mirror,Shiny and angry,She is very satisfied with the effect of cosmetics,Then I sat at the dining table,Scooped a small bowl of chicken soup,Two sips。Don’t say,The chef is really professional,There is no flavor of any seasoning in the soup,The smell of meat is completely raw,Taste carefully,There is also a faint scent of ginseng,She stirred the bottom of the bowl,I saw a small piece of ginseng。
She only drank a small bowl and dared not drink,So make up,She is afraid of making up for the fire,but,The soup is really tempting,She can’t help the temptation of fragrance,Drank another small bowl。
Holding belly,Lying on the sofa,She squinted。Until my phone rang。
It’s a message from Yue Sufen:I come down for a meeting,Lock your office,what’s the situation?