Chapter Three Hundred and Fifteen Casually

But the chick in front of me still sees him eagerly,Look like this,If Huang Lei doesn’t say something to ask her to do something,This guy won’t leave……
“You can do whatever you want,See what is missing in this game,Just let your technician get something,The scenery and the like are already extremely beautiful,Among so many games, the scenery here is basically the best,This is beyond doubt,Do this very well,But something is missing,Feels a bit monotonous,A bit too quiet,Should turn this into a real time,For example, there should be a market here,I have eaten and played for a while,There are more game characters,Similar to a specificnpc,You can buy some specific equipment, etc.,Only then it seems to become lively……”
Huang Lei just said casually。
As he said,in fact,He is also purely coping style,Just let this guy leave quickly,So as not to stay here,This feeling is not necessarily good,He just talked casually,I haven’t thought about other things,But when he saw the little girl listening to him very seriously,While nodding slightly,He has a feeling that he will mess things up……
He thinks maybe,The chick is a woman after all,Also more fun,This guy will make things seem justified,But after thinking about it, I think it’s impossible,Finally, Huang Lei doesn’t have to think about it.,Mainly because I don’t think it is necessary。
He believes that the little girls also believe that they actually got this company,The people invited should be more reliable,Not to make some other moths at this time。
Now Huang Lei’s requirements are quite simple,It just makes this game world more like a game world,Let it be filled with more people,Filled with more things that should appear in real life。
It’s really lonely and boring to be Huang Lei alone in this place,The thought of being blind in real life,His heart is even more depressed,But this is all his powerlessness,That means he can’t change,finally,He can only bear it silently,This feeling is not good,But it also lets Huang Lei know that he has no choice,I can only accept my current situation like this,I hope that the medical skills will be developed later or that your oppressed nerves will automatically heal,That’s what the doctor said during the operation,Also told him to try not to toss,It’s better to wait,Maybe just wait for the body,At this time, I forcefully perform some so-called operations,But it’s not necessarily a good thing。
Huang Lei has really felt this,At that time, the feeling was really bad at all,Now think about it,He felt that he made the decision to have surgery,I just don’t know the so-called,Until now he has to admire himself,Dare to make such a bold act,Later, when Zhang Bai’s Bai surnamed Song, they also felt that Huang Lei was really arrogant.,Everyone knows something as simple as this,But Huang Lei still made the wrong choice。
Today’s Huang Lei is not surrendering,Maybe staying in the game world is the best choice,At least don’t face some of the worse feelings brought to him in real life,Huang Lei still feels superior at this time,This world is his,This is different from all the things in the world,Everything is his,in other words,As long as he likes him,How can he toss so much,As long as he is willing to change whatever he wants,This is also a very normal and very easy thing。
“Ok,Brother Huang Lei, I’ll take care of it,I probably know what you need,What you need is a river and lake!”
The girl is very excited here,Can’t answer immediately,Huang Lei frowned slightly at this moment,He always feels that the chick misunderstood what he meant,Where does he need something like Jianghu,He doesn’t need the so-called arena!