Game left2minute。

Kobe dribbles to the frontcourt,Jerry Sloan called the double team directly,Stockton and Russell besie Kobe。
Kobe reluctantly jumped up and passed the ball to Bowen,Bowen panic catches the ball,Dare not make a move,Pass back to Horry。Mr. Big Heart,Jump up,CIC。
Basketball hit the board into the frame。
Stockton still beats the rhythm,have3Sub-advantage,This advantage can crush the Lakers!
Malone cuts to the basket after pick-and-roll,Catch jumper,Hit again。
Game left1minute!behind5Minute。
Sloan directly fouls,Let Kobe stand on the free throw line,Kobe makes free throw。
Stockton pressure time,It’s full again24second,This is the role of a top point guard,He is a natural master of rhythm control。
Lakers helpless foul,Both sides enter the free throw competition stage,Stockton85%Free throw percentage。
Lost,Lakers3Lose the Jazz。
The end of the audience94:97。The Lakers received their third loss of the season against the Jazz。
If it weren’t for yesterday’s game against the Sonics, it would consume too much energy,If you go to Horry from the beginning,If the fourth quarter starts, all the starters,The result of the game may be different。
But life is made up of so many coincidences。
Chapter Ninety Five Return to Orlando
《Lakers defeated Utah City》
in12month4day,Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz game,Lakers94:97Lost to the Utah Jazz。The old spicy jazz learned the lesson of the last defeat,In this game firmly control the situation on the field,Teach this young Laker a lesson。
Kalmaron18cast12in,use32Minute8Backboard6AssistedMVPLevel performance leads the team on the right track,near10Only one defeat in a game。Such a performance is a well-deserved superstar。
John Stockton is18Minute3Backboard11Assist,Link up the team’s offense,At the same time his defense made the Lakers’ Eddie Jones feel inaccurate.。