Wei Ge drank a full sip of wine again,Then do the same as before,One hand caught the two cheeks of the mandarin duck,Forced her to drink again,And this time,He boldly started molesting mandarin ducks in full view!

The man who listened quietly just now stood up,Brother Xiang Wei came over here……
“Ha ha,Can’t tell that you are young,Well developed!I’ll take you back in a while,You are my little bride tonight,Hey Hey……”
Wei Ge finished drinking mandarin ducks but did not stop,Not only molesting mandarin ducks on one side,While continuing to harass her……
“Let go of your dirty hands!”
There was a majestic rant!
Wei Ge stopped in surprise,Take a look,I saw a handsome young man standing at his wine table,Looking at myself with anger。
“What the fuck are you?Where did it come from?Looking for death!”
One of Wei’s men yelled,Raised a fist and hit the man。
The man didn’t even hide,A handy stretch,I grabbed my fist,Then he flew and kicked on the kid’s chest,The kid fell upside down immediately,Hit another wine table behind him fiercely,Even the man with the table overturned to the ground。
The thugs around Wei Ge immediately swarmed,The fierce fight started instantly!
That man turned out to be a kung fu,And he is obviously very skilled,Although more than a dozen thugs beat him,But he was beaten up and down,Fell to the ground one after another!
Suddenly chaos in the bar,But Wei Ge’s other men pulled out steel pipes and machetes from their bodies.,Yelled and threatened all the guests and stood in the corner!In this situation,Naturally, no guests dared to call the police!
And the bar counter was also controlled by a few thugs,Several young waiters were forced into the corner by thugs。