Liu Xiaoyun has not flinched at all at this time,Shy,She answered quite confidently“Skin monkey”if,His eyes are full of confidence and pride。

“So you won this contest。”
“Skin monkey”Complicated answer,In fact, he is very unwilling at the moment!Because he didn’t even know he had such a powerful opponent,And without his knowledge,Had a contest with this powerful opponent!“You don’t have to be unwilling……This contest is actually unfair,Because you only have one person,And i have so many people,There are also police officers who can help me start operations anytime,Police car that can be called at any time,The key is;You can only act sneakily,And I can do anything honestly,and so,You didn’t lose in my hands,You lose in the hands of the public security organs。”
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The first thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight chapters Out of the ordinary girl
? Liu Xiaoyun answered unabashedly,Instead let“Skin monkey”’S heart looked at her instantly!
“He is not alone,Didn’t he also have two policemen secretly helping him??”
Qin Liang said disdainfully。
“Brother-in-law,The two policemen you mentioned are Song Junming and Liu Jian, right??The two of them don’t need to mention it again,Just two pig teammates,And it’s the kind of pig teammate who is not paying for his life。”
Liu Xiaoyun knowingly asked。
“The person who connected with you in the hotel toilet two days ago,I came here from Hai Shangfei to find you,Why did he come to find you?”
Yang Shiyun asked suddenly。