Shen Zhiyue comes up with a trumpet,See a comment,Just scold them。

“Where is Shanshan?,You are sick,Your whole family is sick。”
“Mouth so smelly,Does your mother know?I really want to stuff you back into your mother’s belly,Reinvent you。”
When Lu Shanshan came to the hospital to see her lover,The other party is scolding vigorously。
“Husband,Come and have a look,They scold your wife like that,Say i’m a bitch,Where am i cheap?”
Lu Shanshan saw the once cool and handsome brother Yue,I called my husband today,Her tears are almost falling:“Yue Ge,I’m sorry for your family,I killed you,If it wasn’t for my injury,It’s not me who is crazy about thinking,You don’t need to hide in the hospital for me to recuperate,Really wronged you。If your sister,Your brother,Your parents know you are like this now,They will be uncomfortable。”
Shen Zhiyue feels nothing:“Do you want me to scold you violently?Really,I want to get closer to you,Just called your husband,You don’t appreciate,I also said that my family’s chicken belly。”
Lu Shanshan shook her head:“No,I definitely didn’t mean it。Your family is generous。Especially your sister,She loves you very much,But also make us mess。I really appreciate her。”
Shen Zhiyue changed his posture:“You scold me when you have time。I borrowed some trumpets from Maureen。It’s so fun to be a navy。”
Lu Shanshan doesn’t want Shen Zhiyue to see too much negative things,Can only say:“I bought fruit today,Quite fresh,I remember you should like apples,I will cut one for you。”
Shen Zhiyue really stopped playing mobile phones,Sit and wait for an apple。
Lu Shanshan peeled the apple,While chatting with Shen Zhiyue,To divert his attention:“Yue Ge,Linda is also very curious,How could I have a chance to win Gu San’s play。She thinks Ms. Yang will not give me such a good resource,When she told me about it today,All faces are surprised。”
Shen Zhiyue leaned on the pillow:“What’s so surprising,Do you think Gu San is the same as those idiots who can take money??He depends on strength,As long as the actor meets his requirements,Even if this actor is about to go to jail,He can also fish out the other party。”
Lu Shanshan was surprised:“Really?so smart?You didn’t lie to me。”
Shen Zhiyue lowered his voice,Revealed a sentence:“I heard that he played a medical drama,Gu San fell in love with an actor,The actor stepped on the red line,In a lawsuit,Everyone thought he was going to jail,Who knows that Gu San has the ability to liberate him。Just imagine,A man who is going to act in a medical drama,In the play is another negative role,So the actors will be under pressure,But the actors can still carry it,It shows that the actors have always had kindness in their hearts,He hopes that medical matters will receive wider attention。So such a good actor,How can he ruin his future?。Don’t you say,Gu San has that ability,Even if there is pressure from public opinion,He can also reverse。But fortunately this happened in the early years,The Internet is not yet developed,Otherwise it would be difficult for Gu San to help the actor settle the lawsuit。”
Lu Shanshan felt cold after hearing this:“Isn’t this abusing one’s own advantage??He did,Maybe it hurt the actor,That actor,There is no chance to regret it,If he really hurt anyone,The victim can only grieve alone,There is no justice at all。”