Mo Xiaosheng indicated that Zhen Guojing can put on the clothes now。

“Mr. Mo,You haven’t made it clear yet,What’s wrong with Lao Zhen??!”
Guo Yuansheng asked carefully,Wiped the sweat from my head,Lips are still slightly pale,Obviously, I haven’t been relieved from the shocked emotion just now.。
“The two are from SIPG,I should have been exposed to something like head drop technique?!”
Mo Xiaosheng knows that SIPG people are no strangers to these things,He said straightforwardly,While talking, lead them to the reception area,Pour a cup of tea for both of them,Motion them to drink and regain their mood。
Haohao, who was eating hamburgers, took his fries and hamburgers with his eyesight and sat on a small table aside,Quickly made room for them。
“Head down?!You mean I was dropped?!”
Zhen Guojing’s face suddenly changed,Looked extremely surprised,Puzzled,“But Mr. Mo,I found many Feng Shui masters from SIPG before I came here,They didn’t realize that I was lowered by someone……”
To know,The Feng Shui masters in SIPG are not vegetarian,How can you not even see things like lowering your head??!
“Lao Zhen,Although SIPG’s masters are very capable,But it’s still a bit worse than Mr. Mo!”
Guo Yuansheng scolded Zhen Guojing in a deep voice,Winked him,This old Zhen,Why are you so ignorant?!
“Correct,Correct,How can SIPG’s masters compare to Mr. Mo?,Mr. Mo,Don’t get me wrong,I have no other meaning!”
Zhen Guojing also learned well now,Hastily nodded in agreement,Look very respectful,Now ismGu Mo Xiaosheng told him that he got the disease because of eating.,He never dared to have the slightest doubt!I’m afraid that Mo Xiaosheng will get angry,Don’t care about him anymore!