“otherwise,He saw you haven’t called back for so long,worry about you。”

Lin Yu,Before remembering,Father Lu,What I said to myself,Look at Lu Yingying,Open road。
“Ok,I know。”
Lu Yingying heard,Nod,Take out your phone,So I called Dad。
And Lin Yu’s return to the Lin family。
Also yesterday,People from the entire Central Plains,All know。
Nowadays,Lin Yu comes back,Zhang family,I offended Lin Yu。
Precisely because of this,News of Lin Yu’s return,More certain。
Lin Yu,Just got home for a few minutes。
Patriarch of countless families,Bring people from their own family one after another,Personally,Said to visit Lin Shao。
Because Lin Shao got married,Did not invite them。
This time,come,Except visiting,I want to send something to Shao Lin,Treated as a gift that didn’t give a gift back then。
“Young master,The old patriarch of many families,Said to see you。”
housekeeper,Just finished ordering the chef。
I saw the people at the door。
This see,Natural first time,I also greet Lin Yu。
If Lin Yu agrees,Then let them in。
disagree,Naturally drive away。