“Because of the king,We will be chased all the way!It will be restless without drinking blood,Is there little movement along the way??”

“you!”The old demon was speechless,What Zhang Zhiqiang said is not wrong,If cleverly disguised,Rush to the destination quietly,I don’t know if it’s the best policy,And there is Wang Xiang,I won’t talk about the face,This child is growing rapidly,It is indeed unrealistic to lose blood,But when someone kills and drinks blood, there will be trouble,Trigger chase,It’s really bad。
“But lost the protection of force,How can your mortal body be able to handle the danger?”The old demon is still unwilling。
“Take a look at my exercises to get some tips?”Zhang Zhiqiang http://www.tylhcpa.cn laughed,Refreshing,A burst of vitality,The whole body suddenly overflowed with thick blood,The old demon was surprised to find that the blood core of the opponent had also become the shape of a blood body,Actually also‘Great Blood Seal Heart Demon Sutra’The fourth level of the first heaven!
“How did you cultivate?”The old demon can’t believe it,Since it reached a compromise with Zhang Zhiqiang,Although he also promised to teach his magic skills‘Great Blood Seal Heart Demon Sutra’,But I haven’t seen how he practiced along the way,I never saw him suck a drop of human blood,Why suddenly become so strong?!
“Strange?Practicing the heart meridian can be so diligent without drinking blood,In fact, you have practiced this mentality too far。”Zhang Zhiqiang said lightly,This is also something from Zhang’s notes,Originated from Zhang Ziyu before the Five Dynasties of Zhang Family,He always followed the Taoist You Fang to the south when he was young,After returning, I suddenly concentrated on studying the ancient books of the Zhang family,‘Great Blood Seal Heart Demon Sutra’Is one of them,But Zhang’s book is called‘Blood Seal Heart Sutra’,He is extremely talented,Actually cultivated in another way,There is only one line of comments in the notes,“Overbearing,But slightly careless,Into the magical way。”
“impossible!”The old demon was taken aback,Never expected that this mortal world still has the cultivation mentality of the demon world,Sounds too fantastic,But I didn’t teach him much,Even the formulas of the first realm of the first heaven are hidden,How did this son get to the fourth level in one breath?
“nothing is impossible,Want to know this,You have to help me unlock the secret of my ancestors。”Zhang Zhiqiang said this,He suddenly concentrated,Then turned around,“He has come。”
Chapter six hundred and eighty seven Attack plan
The old blood demon did not answer,Nor deny,But hurriedly sent out an obscure sound wave in the divine consciousness,Although Zhang Zhiqiang can’t see or understand,But he can feel,I also understand that the old demon is preventing the clone named Huo Jianjun from breaking into the Hongyang Dragon Residence.。
I got a response quickly,The old demon breathed a sigh of relief,Wang Xiang’s attack on the fifth stage has reached a critical time,No matter whether it succeeds or not, an attack cannot be launched at this time,And hold on。
Zhang Zhiqiang does not stop,He is super confident,After weighing the power, the old demon will listen to him when it is critical,Sacrifice others to save oneself,In fact, it is also one of the creeds of the demon world,Besides, it’s just a clone。
Xiao Yadong, who was blocked in the fire escape on the ninth floor, was reluctant to persist for a moment.,Delay one more minute,The vitality of trapped households will be reduced by one point,Fortunately, the drone is here,Two small-sized police reconnaissance drones,There are also a few pockets、Bumblebee special drone the size of a pen cap,All are equipped with 360-degree HD cameras without dead ends,And with three-dimensional ranging function,You can observe the hidden position of the transmitting party,Can also guide snipers to attack the target,Quite concealed。
Several operators who came with the drone are also quite professional,One of the boys also brought a black veil,Buzzing inside,Luo Changhua takes a closer look,All caught wild bees,I don’t know where I got it early in the morning.,He immediately gave a thumbs up,This group of people is too thoughtful。
Xiao Yadong held a short meeting,The attack plan was quickly finalized,First release the police drone,Flying around three buildings,Mainly used to interfere with the other party,Immediately after releasing the caught wild bees from the elevator,A few minutes later, the special wild bee drone will be released downstairs。
The snipers all switched to large calibers、Sniper rifle,Caliber14.5Mm,The range is at least1500M up and down,Such a killer is frightening on the frontal battlefield、Terrible guy,The special fighters who carried out assaults from the fire passages on both sides were full body armor,Cover plate,Wear a gas mask,In particular, steel rings are placed around the neck to enhance protection。
After the Bumblebee drone returns the first valid image,The gunman in Building 5 took the lead*And concussion bomb,The fire exits on both sides simultaneously blasted the locked fire doors and rushed into the scene,All participating units immediately prepare,Release the drone in five minutes。
The attack plan is very thorough,But neither Lao Xiao nor Luo Changhua are willing to give instructions to fly,This set of must-kill combinations punch down,If you are a body of steel, I am afraid that you will not escape the doom of annihilation,But there is a factor that cannot be ignored,There are still seven families upstairs who haven’t escaped,After the attack order is issued, there is no room for recovery。
Although according to Xiao Yadong’s observation,Time from stalemate、There is also an analysis of the intensity of blood,The probability of surviving the seven families is very small,But it cannot be ruled out that there are survivors,Every innocent life is precious、Worthy of respect,A slight lack of consideration by the on-site commander or quick success will lead to catastrophe。
Repeated discussion,Finally, everyone decided to fine-tune the plan,Change the release of two Bumblebee drones http://www.industrialgloves.cn to release multiple drones at the same time,Wait for the drone to check the exact condition of the survivors before issuing an attack command。