Directed-4 games in the top 40, the national football team and substitutions have remained unchanged?

On-the-spot command | In the 40 top 40 games, the national football team and substitutions have remained the same?
Lippi substitution routines are too similar, with little effect.Figure / Osports national football last time played a breathtaking game in the Asian Cup at the beginning of the year.In the 1/8 final against Thailand, the national football team was still 0 to 1 in the 63rd minute of the second half.However, with the appearance of center Xiao Zhi in the 64th minute, the situation has changed.In the 67th minute, he pressed his opponent’s header to equalize the national football team.Since then, the national football team won the promotion with Gao Lin’s penalty.That was the last time the national football team excited the fans recently, and it was Lippi’s last offer for a substitution.During the first coaching of the national football, Lippi has changed the game situation through such god substitutions many times.But after the “second palace” in April this year, Lippi seemed to be too stable.The first is formation.I still remember that when Lippi first coached the national football, he had been swinging between the 4-guard and 5-guard formations. The national football has no fixed play style, and the players are tired of adapting to different formations.In the warm-up match before the start of the 40th round, Lippi firmly used the 433 formation and has continued to use it against Syria.The stability of the formation is not wrong, but in the face of different opponents but there is no targeted change of personnel is debatable.In the past 40 top 40 games, the national football team has used the same set of lineups, and the staffing arrangement is almost the same, which makes the outside world a little bit incomprehensible.What is even more disappointing is that Lippi’s on-the-spot adjustment has also become solidified when the main lineup can’t open the situation.In three games against Maldives, Guam and Syria, Lippi used Wei Shihao and Li Ke to replace a forward and midfielder respectively, and Liu Yang replaced a left back in the last two games.Substitution routines are too similar, which means there is a lack of breakthrough points for substitutions.In the 4 games, the national football game hasn’t changed much since the substitution.Regarding Lippi, there are still many questions to be answered about this national football team.Even if Lippi’s coaching fails, if he can apply his experience and lessons to his success, it will be regarded as a success for the national football team.