Lu Ban leaned back,I didn’t even look at him:“Did Teacher Wang agree??”

“He wants to disagree,I’ll beat him again。”
Ban Lu heard this,Slap your palm on the table,Stand up and look straight at the mountains。
The eyes of the two clash at this moment。
Gao Shan’s eyes are filled with confidence and unrestrainedness,This is the self-confidence of the traveler,Lu Ban seemed to see himself in this world in Gao Shan’s eyes。
But Lu Ban’s gaze is somewhat stern.。
Liu Xin reached out and tugged Lu Ban’s sleeve,Horrified:“Yuan Hua,what should I do?”
Lu Ban turn around,Holding Liu Xin’s hand tenderly。
Liu Xin felt a surge of current in his heart,Fortunately, she reacted faster,Caught the mood swings in time。
“rest assured。”
Lu Ban smiled lightly。
Then turned around and stared at the mountain:“I will be back sooner or later!”
Even the posture of turning his head to walk is a bit arrogant。
At this moment,
The yellow flower moves forward from the last row,Stand beside Mont:“you,Go behind。”
Full of feminine demeanor。
Especially those two rolled up belly sleeves,And the zipper on the chest,In the past few years, the student mixing experience will definitely not produce this effect。
“Dongmei,You can’t pursue your own happiness,Just take us apart。”Mother Meng Te said in a voice。