Half an hour later,The mayor’s car parked in front of a high school。

Lin Yichen, who just returned his suit and shoes,But suddenly changed,A typical Chinese school uniform,I don’t know when I have a schoolbag on my shoulder。
that’s it,A dignified mayor,carrying a bag,Wearing school uniform,With a group of high school students,A face indifferently crossed the threshold of Evan II Middle School。
Holy Spirit Society。
Paul and Wu Shixiong came down from the elevator,Greeting people around with a familiar face。
This is an underground base full of futuristic and technological sense,A crowd of people are like interstellar agents in science fiction movies,Walking busy here。
“Where is this?who are you?Who is the person who chased me just now??”
In the lounge,Geng Zhiming almost collapsed。
“Before answering your questions,You better figure out the nature of this world。”Tang Xueqing’s gentle comfort,“Let me show you something。”
Tang Xueqing walked to a screen,Press a few buttons on the console,A news bulletin jumped out。
“According to reports,The evening of May Day,A car accident occurred at the Jinzhou exit of Shenhai Expressway,The father and son have been rushed to the hospital for treatment,Remind you all the parents who are out on May Day,Please……”
Geng Zhiming stared blankly at his unconscious on the screen,Can’t say a word。
“If i guess right,You and your father should be in a deep coma in reality。Some people have moved on your and your father’s treatment equipment,Tampered with your memory,Brought you to this utopian country。According to the information we obtained,This ghost place is a so-called“God’s Domain Project”Product of,So we generally refer to this virtual world as God’s Domain。”
“Tamper with memory?Is this something humans can do now?”
“Of course humans can’t do it。So we have always suspected that the master of this world might not be the earth civilization。”
“You mean……In this world,There are aliens?”