next time,I am afraid that I have to give my child.。

She laughed,Smile is very peaceful,“Lady,During this time, I thought a lot of things.,Just because your ambition is too big.,If you are in the current situation,Mentality naturally change,Many things I have already understood,Sill a hardship in my child’s life experience,Will care carefully in the future。”
“Li Tingyuan, I think it is clear that his essence.,He is a very selfish person,His love is camouflage,I will never live with such a man.,Unfortunately, I lived at this age.,I only saw his true face.,I thought about it now.,It’s a sorrowful life.。”
“But my child is innocent,Because my ignorance,Let them do some things that should not do,She doesn’t matter,But they must live well in this world.。”
She only understands now,Can’t put all the hopes on the man,Because it is expected,The more you will be disappointed.。
No matter which man is the same。
Lan Xin nodded:“Two ladies are now awakening is not very late.,Only you get you more and more excellent,It will not be abandoned by men,I also hope that the second lady will be happy.。”
“Mrs. Yugui takes back first.,I will answer the lady before 12 o’clock this evening.。”
Two ladies slightly shake their heads:“I have a back insecurity.,You take it away.,I think you will give me a satisfactory answer before twelve o’clock.。”
During this time, she listened to Lu Haoge’s character.,This man is willing to pay all everything for Blue Xin。
Blue Xinyu:“Then I will thank my lady.!”
Two launches smiles,Turn out your favorite clothes,“Lady,I like this cheongsam。”
Blue New photo,Save photos down photos。
Yao Yao is also coming back。
“lady,Your milk tea。”Yao Yao smiled。
“thank you!”Two ladies pick up the straw,Plug in a drink,I am full of satisfying laughs。
Blue Xin chatted with her, after the color and size of the clothes,The only two ladies。
NS1938chapter How can she still laugh?
Lan Xin didn’t go home,But with Yao Yao back to the company,Two people study the style of two ladies like two people。
Just like the two ladies say,She is not at ease。
Yao Yao is also,Negatives,Lin Xiwei is also。
Lin Xiwei came to the 25th floor this time.,All the opportunities for Yao Yao,Seems unintentional,But let her very confused。
Why is Yao Yao to find Lin Xiwei to help??
Many people in the design department,She is only looking for Lin Xiwei,This has to be defeated.。
Yao Yao smiled:“Blue Director,You said that the two ladies are so high.,Will wear cheongsam will look good??”
Blue Xin slightly low eyes,Light horizontal smile,The bright scorpion is like a little starlight.。
“She is a hanger,You look at her dresses in their country today.,Although it is red,But wearing her is very expensive.。Some people wear clothes,Not just because of your clothes,But because of her temperament,From the inside and externally, people don’t dare to ignore temperament,Two hears two,Is the most beautiful。”
Yao Yao laughed:“Blue Director, you know the knowledge of this.。”
Blue Xin laughs,Not talking。
To the company,Blue Xin and Yao Yao have to the top floor,Anchor elevator,I saw Lin Xiwei,Holding a few clothes in your hands。
Lin Xiwei saw Lan Xin and a glimpse,I didn’t expect this time she will come to the company.。
“Blue Director,Yao Assistant。”She smiled and greeted。
Blue Xinyu。
Yao Yao explained:“Blue Director,I occasionally let the forest designer help。”
Lan Xin looked at her laughing:“Yao Yao,If you are busy, I said to me.,I am looking for an assistant.,Two people must work more relaxed。”
Qing Dynasty is not very understandable to these,She is sitting in the office, just to protect her.。