When he went to beat people,Didn’t think of anything to gain,I just feel that Director Bao has completely lost the man’s face。

And those two dog legs,It’s hard to calm the anger in their hearts without hitting them。
This is purely an ordinary person like Shen Huan,It’s just a natural reaction when encountering such nasty things。
But even so,Even if things are not too big,When there is no sensational effect,The good master actually identified as“Justice”,Awarded,That’s really good news。
Good master, you are really!
Talk about this kind of thing earlier!
For example, this kind of injustice today,Hengdian has it all day long!
I have decided,Since then,I stayed in Hengdian!
Please call the guardian of Wurenheng Store!
Shen Huan almost laughed out loud。
Think about it。
I donate1Billion5Rewards。
Hit three people today、Save a girl and get one。
If I fight for justice twice a day……
Do not,Even once a day,Then the good master gave me a reward,In one month30A reward!
One year is365Yeah!