Everything is not over yet。

When a vast city-state can no longer http://www.80must.cn give anyone a sense of security,Any feelings are just a flash in the pan,It’s the clouds that disappear when the wind blows。
What Li Yunzi wants is not this。
And enjoy that short-term tenderness,It’s better to do everything you have before you lose,Keep them。
What she wants is long and far。
“I will protect everything。”
“clear,Lucky to be you……”
Li Yunzi finished saying this,She stepped on the eaves of the tall buildings of Zulong City,Flew west。
Like a wild goose,The sky on the west is as dark as an abyss,Zhu Minglang looked at the beautiful lady who was going away,My heart is like a stained ink knocked over into the pool,Colorful materials represent different tastes,Spread out in the original clear heart。
Can’t tell,Also unknown。
Has been deepened,Like first acquaintance。
Clear skin blind date,But separated by a layer of yarn。
Obviously just pick http://www.99lebao.cn up the yarn,But was shrouded in the darkness of the sky,I won’t see her again。