“No wonder the lady would like him,It turns out he’s just the way you were when you were young,No wonder。”

Zhuang Hai flattered the master。
“But even though he said that,Teach him when he should be taught,Otherwise, he doesn’t know what the sky is high and the earth is thick,Can’t be empty,Put no one in sight。”
Zhuang Yong smiled,Sternly said。
“Yes,What the master said is,Can’t break the rules。”
Zhuang Hai echoed the road。
“Did that kid say anything on the way out??”
Zhuang Yong finished nagging,Then I remembered to ask。
“He just keeps complimenting the furnishings in our yard……but,He didn’t come alone,Send him out this way,Many people in black popped up,Are with him,And I can feel it,Those people are kung fu masters,No one is easy to reach。”
Zhuang Hai answered cautiously。
“Little Bunny,Actually brought people here!”
really,Zhuang Yong immediately shouted“roar”Up……
“how about it?”
After leaving the dealer for some distance,Yang Shiyun flashed out from the dark,Qin Liang asked。
“Great!Worthy of being the leader of the underworld,I even use the radical method,Deliberate provocation,As a result, people don’t even look at me,Sent me directly!”