Because I came to audition,So these female stars,Did not accept the signature request。

After a while,These white-collar workers also know why they are here today,No more reluctance。
It’s just that there are no secret photos,And send it to meager,Don’t know。
When Shen Huan came up,Several people looked at him。
I saw a young and handsome boy,Most people have taken back their eyes,Only those three male students in Shanghai opera,I just looked a little more vigilantly。
But they immediately focused on the tall girl behind Shen Huan again。
Buyiyi, one of the five small flowers!
In terms of fame and strength,Although only20Buyiyi,But not lower than Cao Nihui of the same level。
And Bou Yiyi was born in Jingying, one of the three major film academies,He is a child star debut,Only this year18Years old,Unlimited future development prospects。
Cao Nihui stood up immediately,Say hello to her。
Lin Ting、Chen Qian and Zhou Lexiang also did the same superficial skills。
Zhou Lexiang, who competes with Bu Yiyi for the role of the woman tree,Laugh the most heartily,I took Buyiyi to my side to sit。
Buyiyi and her are really unfamiliar,But both of them will come,At least on the surface,So she was also smiling while sitting next to Zhou Lexiang and talking。
I just waited until the talk,She looked around randomly,Suddenly found that Shen Huan was missing。