In addition, I found Xiao Song, I’m also staring at the warehouse.,Even if you don’t kill yourself,Xiao Song Tongren will also shoot。

From ritual to these twenty-three people,He has decided to change his previous style.,What role does it play in what role?。
Senfa Lao Lang this name is unruly,Indeed, there is such a person,It is the loan person who knows in the Northeast internship.,This person’s sword level has six paragraphs at the time.,Because he has already killed the righteous army in the Northeast.。
Qi Rui is very clear, this twenty-three people must not see the sun tomorrow.,This should have been the pity of Xiao Song Cangren and Jiuzhong.,Just let the three ends to test themselves。
Rui Rui found three tails:“Three tail officials!I have all killed in the Chinese people in the Hunda Warehouse.!”
Guan Dongjun has already given a message,San Yousye asked:“Senfield,You have no news from May June in June 30.,where did you go?”
“Will three or seven years?……”Rui Rui thought about it,Say:“I am at the time, I will rely on the murder.,In order to chase a few volunteers who were wanted by Kandidown,I pseudonym,As a result, it will be closer all the way.(Co-Hohhot)。”
“Then you kill them??”
“Failed,They all joined Huajun,Originally, I also want to join the opportunity.,But my Chinese is not very good at the time.,So give up,After that, I went to North China.,During this time, I have always used Li Chun this name.。”
“I have been wandering in these years.?”
“Yes,Always wandering。”
“Why do I remember the effectiveness of an empire??”
“I have long thought to join the Emperor.,But I don’t want to start from the small soldier.!”
“Are you a small soldier here?!”
“I know absolutely different!I have been in listening because I am coming.,I am the people you need.!”
NS686chapter Live five
See this Senfa Lao Lang is so sincere,The three ends of the Yousheng are also really needed to be a good person.,Why do you want to train the heavy punishment from Xiao Japan,Just because there is no kind Chinese member of the special action group.。
“Senfield,Because you have a few years of blank,I don’t know what you are doing.,So I want to stay, I need to accept my test.!”Three tails You Feng truthfully said,
“Three tail officials,I am willing to accept any test。”
“very good,You go back to rest first.,Waiting for tomorrow to go to a place。”
Qi Rui knows that the devil is not licking?,I also thought that I didn’t pay some sacrifices. I have been hard to get the reuse of Sanjun Youfeng.,Now, we are trying to stay with him as much as possible.,Only in this way can you familiarize yourself and find a chance to replace him.。
the next day,Three Yousou came to prison with Senfield,Here he ordered five anti-Japanese people,Say:“Senfield,These five are all the Communist Party and the military agent,You go to order them,But can’t let them die too much。”
“Does the three tail do mean to get them to death??”Qi Rui,
“Yes,The longer the torture time, the better,It is best to get torture to let them know all。”
Little trough Nima’s little devil,This trick is really vicious!
Rudely,He still encountered such a small devil for the first time.,Looking at five compatriots that have passed through the bouqua,Rare micro expression management controls his emotions to look at them。
Sanyi You Fengyi Senfa Station has no response,Ask:“Senfield,Can you not do it??”
“can do it!”Qi Rui’s mouth promised,I swear in my heart:I can’t afford five,I vowes you will be revenge for you.!
Rui Rui came to five people,Evil:“You are best to say it.,If you don’t say that I will use the most cruel way to get you。”
“Pooh!Bitch!bring it on!I am not your ancestor if I’m got.!”A military agent stalking his neck,
“Well!Let’s start with you first.!”Rui Rui said the prison guard on the side:“Open his shackles,”
The prison guard looks to the three ends,See him nod to agree with the past,Rui Rui said that the unstable military agent standing in the station:“You’d better not say like you said.,If I hear a little sound, I will double it.。”
Rui Rui, I will catch the arm of this agent.,Use thaw to control his arm,Then I’m trying to break his arm。
I can’t stand the miserable scream of the military special medicine.,Rui Rui pulled him with a broken arm and fell him on the ground.,Then grabbed his right leg。
The scream of this agent is constantly,But very weak,Cooperate without stopping,His right foot stepped on the latter neck,Grab his legs and pull up again.,Then a lower leg,The foot followed by the small abdomen of the agent,Rui sharp force is heavy,This foot will break this person lumbar。
Rui sharp action is very fast,No more than a minute before and after,It’s really very fierce.,But in the end of this feet,This military agent has been trampled with the right foot to death.。
Qi Rui knows that this person is dead,Form you don’t know,Until this person is broken。
Three tails, You Feng, have never seen such a fierce torture method.,This doesn’t even kill a person’s bones with hoes.。
“stupid!Is it so dead?!I haven’t said it yet.!”Qi Rui looked up and kicked the body horizontally on the wall.,Then look up and look at the other four people。