Had dinner,Fluttershy is yelling again that she is eating up……

“How about we go for a walk?Just walk around your home?”
Qin Liang tentatively asked。
In fact, he wanted to find an excuse to go out and let the swallows see that they were here,Lest they whisper in their hearts。
Fluttershy promised,Secretly weird!Qin Liang actually wants to go out with himself this time?It’s not like his style?After satiated,He shouldn’t“Lustful”Yet?Why did it go away tonight?
Two people strolled out the door together,Qin Liang decisively did not have any affection with Xiaodie this time!Swallows, they are watching from outside!He must be taboo!
“The boss is out!Who is this foreign girl next to him!”
Seeing Qin Liang’s figure appear,Swallow hiding in the dark,Yang Zhi,Qiangzi and Marin are all happy,But then they all had a common question!
The funny thing is;Same as Qin Liang,I saw Fluttershy at first sight,They all treat her as a foreign girl……
Ade and the others also saw Xiaodie and Qin Liang walking out of the villa,Ade waved,Bringing his subordinates to quietly follow。
“It seems that these people are ready to do it!”
Yanzi and the four of them immediately became highly alert,Immediately they were all ready to do it,And follow everyone behind you……
The atmosphere in the air suddenly became tense!