There will be a red purgatory,Want to retreat,Will be a difficult thing。

Olajuwon started these games,Back home,Drexler and Jim Jackson and Barkley once opened,Then the defensive system built by the Lakers was easily broken。
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifth Barkley
“Houston this city,Really fanatical。”
Although the Lakers players have been to the same enthusiastic Seattle in the playoffs this season,But Houston’s strong playoff atmosphere still makes some rookies stunned.。
“This is the foundation of the Western Overlord for many years。”
When a team keeps winning,The loyalty and enthusiasm of your fans will definitely increase。Houston is in1980The era is a strong team,Olajuwon’s entire career team has built a lineup that suits him very well,Except for the stunned youth at the beginning of his career,Olajuwon who didn’t pass the ball at that time,The rest of the time Houston is a competitive team。
The Lakers player lived in Houston the day before the game。
“Michael is really good。”After dinner,Everyone sat together eating popcorn and watched the Heat and the BullsG2。
In the first game, the Bulls destroyed the poor version of the Big Three that Pat Riley had worked so hard to build,Their engine Tim Hardaway was blocked by Jordan and Harper,The point guard who showed his style in the first two rounds,The defense against the Bulls has not played the level of the league’s first team.。
G2,Jordan’s feel in this game is also very bad。His middle distance is out of precision,This is common,Any superstar has time to lose touch,However, some players in this situation can only hurt the team and keep throwing the ball to get back the feel.,
In this game, Michael Jordan was in a poor hand feeling.,Still dominate the game!
Jordan played43minute15in4,penalty16in15,Audience23Minute9Backboard3Assist4Steal1Cap2Mistake1foul。
In this game, when Jordan found out that he felt bad,Adjust your play immediately,Massive impact to the rim to make free throws。
16Free throws,Makes Mourning a headache。
The Heat’s perimeter defensive players simply can’t keep Jordan’s breakthrough,As long as Jordan wants,He can reach the basket and face Mourning directly。
Jordan seems to be learning how Kobe played in the first game,Crazy breakthrough!Crazy to get inside!Is to find Mourning to fight!
Even if Mourning fell to the ground,Jordan is also frantically hitting the basket。
Finally Mourning played26Jordan was beaten to six offenders in minutes,With the Heat’s absolute strength against the Bulls leaving,Heat finally lost to the Bulls。