At this day,His passers-by,An embarrassment of a sword。

Confrontation,Human and orc。
It is worth mentioning that,Those orc neckline,Have a 骷髅 logo。
One of the guys with a tiger roaring mountain forest,“Humanity,Do you want to rebel??
Hore,All warfare must go to the east’s swamp adventure,You dare to escape without authorization!”
The opposite population has a man with a two-meter-high-powered man,Hand in the hands of a wolf,“I thought we didn’t know the call for the emperor.,He just encourages all the martial arts to explore,Not forced anyone at all。”
“right,Your beast is clearly smashed to take us as a can.。”
“We don’t want to explore,Forced us to go。”
Opposite humans,Ambiguity。
Tiger head people snort,“Since you all know,Why don’t you say in the village?,I dare to resist the outside.?
Still not afraid of caller,Be right,You are cannon gray,Have to go,Don’t go,otherwise,All must die!”
More than 300 hunters of hunters are cold and cold,Kill the sky。
Opposite humans have more than 500,But still shocked。
Human status in the flood world is very low,I am targeted and suppressed all year round.,Contradictions between each other。
Important,Human beings have little strong in the flood world。
“Fight with them!”
“Going too,Can’t still die,Fight!”
Bang!A roar,The two sides have collided together。
“I want you this animal.!”
The man who holds the wolf tooth roses rushed to the tiger。
“Ha ha,Rubbish!”
The tiger is just a laugh.,Hands in the hands,The two sides collided with a rush,A cold。
This human head rushed high,Ten melted,Blood waves sprayed from no head neck。
“Boast,They kill the Axiong。”
“Give Axiong!”
Human beings are all killing red eyes。
But some things are like this,Will not change by will。
Humans,Most of the strength is not strong,Empty has a slap,Total more than ten martial arts levels。
And the hunter is only three hundred,It is all strong。
One time,Various screams,Roar。