of course,The gods of the four mythical beast families who came to talk with Cecilia are only the lower gods。

After talking,Cecilia just knew,It turns out that the four ultimate fighter families originally originated from the highest planes.‘Four beasts’Family。and‘Baruch family’It should be a branch of the Redding family of the Qinglong clan。
The only upper god and several middle gods are self-reliant,And some lower gods are actually younger,Talk to Cecilia and Wright。
There are a total of six gods descended from the four beast families,Fewer people,One of the upper gods,Three middle gods and two lower gods,But in terms of strength, they are all powerful,And the artifact in hand is also very advantageous。
“Sister Cecilia,I didn’t expect you to be on the material plane,Can become gods within 300 years,Really amazing,If it is in hell,I’m afraid I can become a god in a hundred years,Will definitely get the best cultivation,Maybe the elders will come to give pointers。”Talking is a petite figure,Wearing fancy red feather-like clothes,With passion and charm in your eyes‘Young girl’,Of course this girl according to her own statement,Also over a thousand years old。But thousands of years into the next god,Can be considered talent,It is entirely possible to become the upper god,Will be arranged in this task。
“Sister Serena,My talent is nothing。”
“Know know,Your husband is so talented,Become a god in the material plane within a hundred years。I http://www.solerose.cn heard that some geniuses became gods in ten years,Centennial God,Millennium God,I can’t。Now it seems that your husband’s talent is not much different。”From Suzaku-The lower god of the Nemo family talked happily with Cecilia。
Wright and a member of the Blue Dragon Redding clan,The seemingly stupid and unintended lower god Jells was talking,Although Wright is not of the blood of the four beasts。But in the eyes of these members of the four mythical beast family,Family member’s husband/The wife is also part of the family。
Few days,Wright and Cecilia have become one with the two lower gods of the Four God Beast family。But deep down in Wright’s heart,I’m still a little wary of the four mythical beast family。After all, the four mythical beast family,But it is a typical example of death hatred。My ancestor fell,Then the seven families moved to hell as a whole,The purpose is for revenge。
And http://www.yesdance.cn Wright guessed,The seven families and the original family in hell,It’s just the one who hates the most,I can’t wait to kill the four mythical beast family。
They can pay the price to move the whole family,There must be some or almost strength,Or a family with less hatred‘Have money to pay,Strong contribution’,Join forces to bury the pit for the four mythical beast family。
A family that blames heaven and anger,I must be alert。
The eleventh day after the arrival of the Four Mythical Beasts,The powerhouses of the Raynals family have arrived。
The Raynals Family and the Four Beasts,But a mortal enemy。When the four mythical beasts were still there,The eight major families, including the Reynards family, were bullied and oppressed by the four beast families,Deep hatred。However, the difference between the god and the main god is too big,There is no possibility of revenge。
When the four http://www.chebiandang.cn beasts fall,The Raynals family retaliated wildly。In fact, only on strength,The Raynals family was weaker than any of the four mythical beasts before。But in hell, it’s not just the Raynars family who have hatred with the Four God Beasts.,Many strong men joined the Renalth family as individuals,The expansion of power is no less than the Redding clan。
Meet the two sides,It’s a rattling sword。
Sadista,The body is surging with an extremely evil dark atmosphere,This breath is a bit like the ice tentacles in dark taboo magic,But mysteriously evil countless times。Under this terrible breath,Don’t talk about the real lower gods like the high priest,Even the self-proclaimed powerful Wright and Cecilia feel threatened。of course,Wright’s threat felt very slight。
The leader of the four mythical beasts family,An extremely domineering man easily suppressed the evil aura,As if the air condenses into a solid,Wright also smacked secretly,Nothing else,This person’s achievements in the laws of the earth, gravitational space, are not much worse than him.。
“Sadista,Do you want to fight me here?”The domineering man said coldly。
“Ha ha!”Sadista just sneered,Put away the evil breath。