“Correct,We resign when we go back。”

Peng Changyi deserves to be Peng Changyi,He already has the qualifications of a politician,Have the ability and wisdom of a politician to deal with all emergencies,From handling the looting incident in Lotus Village,To this day control the situation of besieging the gate of the municipal party committee,His performance is perfect!From beginning to end,There is no positive talk about the treatment of polluting enterprises in the development zone,Did not talk about the situation and meaning,But threw“life”s,Immediately resonated with them,In addition,He relied on the dignity of his workers from the beginning.,Under control,Suppressed those who tried to attack him。Those who hide behind,Never stand at the front desk,He must find a spokesperson,Deal with these spokespersons,What Peng Changyi has are methods and tricks。
“the masses”, Is a difference from“people”Group of,French author Le Pen,In a very simple way,Examines the psychological changes when individuals gather into groups,He pointed out,Individuals lose their rationality in groups,No reasoning ability,Thoughts and emotions are easily hinted and contagious by others,Become extreme、fanaticism,Cannot tolerate opposing opinions,The sense of power generated by a large number of people will make him lose control,Even become unscrupulous。As a classic,Le Pen’s《mob》It still has practical significance for today:Why did ordinary Japanese people become war machines,“Ten years catastrophe”Why did young people become irrational,Why do investors in the market become enthusiastic??The psychological changes from individual to group seem difficult to understand、incredible,however,The term mass can also be understood as a mob that needs someone to lead.。now,Peng Changyi controlled their will,Mastered their hearts,Controlled their minds,Changed the direction of their offense。
“Secretary Peng,Can you guarantee that these factories want us?”
“Can you guarantee that we make more money than we do now?”
In this one-man battle,The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee has controlled the situation,And turned the tide of war,To move the situation in a favorable direction。
Listened to everyone’s discussion,The secretary of the municipal party committee, who has completely gained the upper hand, began to show the softness under his toughness.,His expression began to be gentle,Waved to the crowd,The crowd is quiet again。
Peng Changyi opened his mouth,Just about to speak to the crowd,At this moment,Zhu Guoqing appeared。
“Secretary Peng,Let me say a few words。”Zhu Guoqing said。
Peng Changyi glanced at him,I don’t know where he came from,During this time,Where did he go,Why can’t you reach him?
He hesitated,No matter what thoughts are in each other’s hearts,at this time,It’s a time when the secretary of the municipal party committee and the mayor unite and respond together,At least on the surface。Not to mention,Peng Changyi has achieved a victory,My heart is full of pleasure,Naturally, he was magnanimous and tolerant to the mayor who interrupted him.。He moved aside two steps,Gave the center position to the mayor Zhu Guoqing。
When the mayor came up, he started calling out someone’s name。
“Li Qiang,Is Li Qiang at the galvanizing plant??”
Someone behind the crowd raised their hands,Said:“Mayor Zhu,I’m here。”
Zhu Guoqing glanced at him indifferently,Said:“Bring you,There are one or two who are willing to stay for the forum,Withdraw the rest immediately!”
His voice is very powerful,People have to listen to。
“That’s it……Went back like this……”The person named Li Qiang is obviously unwilling。
“How can I go back without going back like this?,Is it necessary for Secretary Peng to give you a car of gold ingots??”Zhu Guoqing ridiculed loudly。
“Haha。”Everyone around laughed。