Xu Meizhen first is one,Turning the pretty face full of joy。

But this joy is coming soon.,Immediately become tension,A pair of beauty is full of fear,“Day,Brother,You,Have you left??”
Why,This moment of Xu Meizhen feels your heart,As if the needle is generally uncomfortable。
Very painful!
Although it is only just that the time is getting along the summer is not long.,But she is very clear,In the heart,I don’t know when,I have a saying that I can’t say unclear.
Go to work,I will always want to http://www.szsamscn.cn think about it.,I can’t wait to go to get off work.,When I saw him,Merry is happy.。
Looking at his words,Will always be satisfied,Even blush……A lot of,
She is only 18 years old this year.,Never have this experience。
And now,He recovered memory,It also means that you want to leave,Xu Meizhen’s heart became incomparable and uncomfortable。
Now now,She has already seen it.,Summer is not a common person,Even if he does not recover memory,So, Miss Jiang Miss is so polite to him.。
“He must be a great person.……I am just a wild head of the underlying civilians.……”
Xu Meizhen has some inferiority,Slight lower,Trend to cover my eyes in my eyes。
This is probably the first love in people’s mouth.……Not,Not a first love,Be a secret love。
“I will not take it forever.。”
At this time,Summer voice came,Xu Meizhen lifts the head,But I found that the black leather bag that smashed in the hand was coming over.。
“Meizhen,This is given you。”I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1448Chapter Fault memory
Looking at this, this is not a big black leather bag.,Xu Meizhen lived。
She knows what is installed?。
The cash after the cocktail called the 21st floor, was auctioned.。
$ 150,000。
Just a glass of wine.……
She is still thinking,I am afraid that the store is hard for ten years.,Don’t make so much money。
“Day,Brother……You,What do you mean??”
Xu Meizhen did not be happy。
Opposite,She is even anger,And there is an illusion that has been humiliated。
Summer is a smile,Grab her hand,Put the leather bag in hand,At the same time,“Do you know why I have four cups of wine??”
Summer,“Because I have toned you two cups,One of the cups, please http://www.szroom8.cn drink,Another cup to help you auction,So this money is yours.。”
Xu Meizhen,Follow the emergence,“I can’t,You didn’t tell me,But also……And I want your money.。”
Although her home is still owed by usury,But Xu Meizhen did not greed at all。
“Because you have taken me when I am the most helplessness.。”