Health Tips Sleeping in this direction is the healthiest

Health Tips Sleeping in this direction is the healthiest

Lead: Is there any way to save the most health?

If you ca n’t eat or move, close your eyes and wake up to achieve health effects. I believe this is very attractive for urban people who are afraid of trouble.

In fact, one third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. The correct way of sleeping and good sleep are closely related to health.

  Traditional Chinese medicine advocates “prevention before disease” and “work to cure disease”, noting physical and mental conditioning, known as “adequate cold and heat during the four seasons, and live in a place where mood and anger live, and tune yin and yang while being rigid and soft”,Promote health perspectives that focus on improving righteousness and disease resistance.

The so-called “existence of righteousness, evil can not be done”, by adjusting daily methods, you can maintain health and prevent disease.

Due to sleep health, Chinese medicine naturally has unique secrets.

  Focusing on sleep can be good for both health and sleep.

“Good sleep can replenish energy, restore vitality, and have the effect of” Yin Yang Pei Yuan “.

Therefore, master the essentials of sleep and health, and change to the simple and easy way of health.

  The concept of “heaven and man” is universally interpreted by traditional Chinese medicine throughout the world. The human body must maintain internal circulation harmony and pay attention to harmony with the external environment of nature.

Chen Xiuhua, deputy director of the Traditional Therapy Center of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that after spring, summer long, long summer, autumn harvest, winter and Tibetan season changes, the human body must adapt to it, so there is a saying of “four seasons health”.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the yang of the natural world gradually converges and is closed. At this time, you should pay more attention to maintaining the yin of the inner guard, which is the right time for sleep and health.

“Early morning and early morning in autumn, early morning in winter and late in winter” is the main sleep regimen at this time.

  For specific sleep time, it is recommended to rest every night: 9:00 am (that is, 9 am to 11 pm), and go to bed at 11 am to 11 pm.

Because when the child is the weakest yang, when the yin is the strongest, and then sleep, it can nourish the yin most, and the quality of sleep is the best. It can often achieve a health effect that is more effective.

  There are different claims about the direction of sleep, which is surprising.

Some studies have pointed out that due to the influence of the earth’s magnetic field, when people sleep, they adopt the orientation of head and foot south, so that the magnetic field lines run smoothly through the human body, which can reduce the interference of the earth’s magnetic field instead.

The previous ancient health experts believed that the sleeping direction of people should change with the alternation of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

A famous medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, mentioned in Qian Qian Fang: “The mortal lie down, spring to summer and east, and autumn and winter to west.

“This is because of the fact that” they should lie down at all times. “Because the five seasons of Chinese medicine correspond to the five parties, there are Chundong, Xianan, Changxiazhong, Qiushixi and Dongbeizhi, so sleepThe position also corresponds to the solar terms at that time.

  Traditional Chinese medicine also has high requirements for sleep. Associate Professor Chen Xiuhua pointed out that these other theories have some truth, but in real life, they are affected by the orientation of the house and the layout of the home.And lead to ultimate worry.

Instead, it is recommended that you pay attention to ensuring adequate sleep time. Before going to sleep, you should be calm and calm, drink hot milk or royal jelly, or use warm water to bathe your feet. It is best to supplement it with foot massage, etc.Intersect “. these measures have a more pronounced effect on improving sleep quality.

  Medicinal diet to regulate sleep, sleep disorders, insomnia, dreaming, light sleep, and easy to wake up, is believed to be the most familiar leak in urban people in a sub-health state.

These sleep disorders belong to the samples of the traditional Chinese medicine theory, such as “not stingy”, “depression”, “depletion”, and “palpitations”. They are related to various diseases and cause different types of sleep disorders.

For example, depression is mostly related to depression and anxiety syndrome in western medicine. “Fatigue” caused by old or weak or chronic illness can also affect sleep; sleep disorders caused by digestive disorders are related to traditional Chinese medicine.”Stomach discomfort, restlessness” is consistent; palpitations, shortness of breath and nocturnal dyspnea caused by cardiovascular disease can also affect sleep.