It’s still the first brother to go to the fifth position to die.

It’s a bit reluctant to play the fifth position,Yi Jianlian always fights,This is what Xu Xuan requested,Even if confrontation doesn’t help,I have to do everything I can to consume Brother Yi’s physical energy。
Wait until I can’t hold on,It’s easy for the Warriors to change to the top,But it’s impossible to play such a big role in the team like a brother。
but.What is the upper limit of Brother Yi’s physical fitness?,This is a big problem.Brother Yi hid too deep.
After coming up,Warriors’ first offense。
Curry does what he says,The first attack after coming up,Direct three-pointer!
Super far three points——!
Brush,Basketball falling into the net。
Curry took the first place in the game28Minute!
The four famous players on the field now,Scores30+Near,Xu Xuan and Durant are already on30,And Curry is coming soon。
“Beautiful,Stephen。”Xu Xuan gave him a thumbs up,He is not nervous now,Even in the mood to joke with Curry。
Curry rolled his eyes,Ignore him,The hanging man wants to disrupt his rhythm,Why didn’t you talk to yourself just now?,Soul light!
The baseline ball comes out,Yi Jianlian gave the ball to Xu Xuan。
Xu Xuan took halftime,Beyond the three-point line,Clay seems to have given up too,He didn’t feel good today,The score has not been in double figures yet,But just,He can put all his energy on defense,Don’t ask for death Xu Xuan,As long as he makes every shot uncomfortable。
Xu Xuan lucked twice,Xu Xuan is holding the ball sideways,I saw him pick up the ball quickly,Looking at the inside line。
The basketball jumped between Clay and Livingston like a comet。
This ball is fast,Span。