Gu Yue’s play this time is really unknowing,She only involved Director Mi,Even Tong Juan, who runs Wailian,She didn’t tell her,It’s just that the capital chain is broken in the company,Makes everyone in the company panic。

The news soon reached Xu Yiming’s ears,He is so happy。This Gu Yue asked someone to punch him some day,He doesn’t remember anymore,If the Donghu Park investment project is gone,What else does Gu Yue have?,I’ve been guarding a leader in this life, just toss around!
Just when Xu Yiming was thinking about it,His female secretary came in,She whispered:“Mr. Xu,Someone named Chen San is looking for you,Do you see or not?”
“Xu San?What is he doing?not see,Let him go”Xu Yiming waved his hand impatiently and said。
The female secretary responded,Head down and walk out,Xu Yiming suddenly remembered something,He shouted again:“You bring him in!”
Chen Sanyi comes in,Sat on the sofa,His chin is bruised,A look of anger。Xu Yiming don’t look at his age,But dealing with people is very sophisticated,He knows that people like Chen San,He should not provoke him。
Xu Yiming made tea for Chen San himself,Put it in front of him,Then smiled and asked:“Brother 3, what’s wrong?How did it look like this”
“You fucking shy to say,All because of you,I was beaten by the leader of Gu Yue”Chen San said,Touched the chin,It feels so painful。
Xu Yiming listened,My face couldn’t help but change,He said coldly:“Third brother,Can you blame this?You are not doing well on your own,Without this ability,Don’t take this job,Got hit now,Why are you coming to me?”
“What are you doing?I was fooled by your kid this time,Who is Gu Yue?He is Gu Changlong’s daughter,If Gu Changlong knew about this,,He smashed hundreds of thousands,Don’t want my old life”Chen Sanyi said angrily。
Xu Yiming hissed,Lowered his voice and said:“Third brother!I asked you about this,You say you only look at money and not people,I took the money too,Started to say this again,Do you think it’s a bit unnatural?”
“Shit!Don’t say anything authentic or not here,You are just a vice president of Yunmao Group,Gu Changlong was upset,Serve with you,You shouldn’t know this!”Chen San took a sip of tea,Say word by word。
Xu Yiming smiled and said:“What happened?Are you trying to tell us about this, Gu Dong??”
“Humph!Lao Tzu for you,Beaten like this by Gu Yue,She also said,If I dare to do it right with her,She asked her dad to do me,Do you think this business has lost a lot,You have to give me some more compensation”Chen San finally said what was in his heart。
Xu Yiming looked at Chen San’s annoying face,He can’t wait to rush up and give him two punches,But for this kind of person,Can’t be impulsive,Otherwise it will cause disaster。
“Which kid got it done?”outGZUp,As to whether he will come back,I really do not know。This guy is no ordinary person,Someday our people would suddenly appear behind him if they didn’t hold a knife,He won’t get caught。His kung fu three or five people are really not his opponent“Chen San deliberately said Xia Jian very harshly。
Xu Yiming took a deep breath and said:“Just don’t show up during this timeGZ,This matter passed first,It doesn’t matter if he comes back“
“I hurt like this,Do you have something interesting“Chen Sanyi’s smirk。