Peng Changyi said:“Ha ha,you’re right,Maybe the mayor thinks so too,That’s why I didn’t print the title。”

He turned and looked at the two works of Ding Yi on the left wall,Smiled,Keep nodding。Said:“Old Gu,I finally have something familiar in my office。Ha ha,go,Go to the countryside!”
Peng Changyi picked up the army coat,And went out with Old Gu。
Xiao Pang and Qi Xiang are waiting for him downstairs,Qi Xiang sees Peng Changyi is down,Just walk over,Said:“County Magistrate Peng,Everyone is here,You can leave in a few minutes。”
Peng Changyi has a look,in the yard,Three off-road vehicles have been launched,Stand by with white mist,His new Toyota SUV is in the middle,Three or four people stood in front of the other two cars,Peng Changyi frowned,Said:“What do these people do?”
Qi Xiang said:“I forgot to report to you,I follow the content you want to investigate,Bureau of Agriculture、Finance Bureau、Entourage of the Education Bureau,In order to brief you,Considering you are going out for several days,Also arranged a doctor entourage at the county hospital。”
Peng Changyi frowned and said:“Old Qi,This is so exciting, right??”
Qi Xiang said:“Because you are investigating for the first time,Where can I go without these people,Although I understand part of the situation,But still not as comprehensive as they understand。”
At this moment,Peng Changyi saw a woman in a beige down jacket getting off the first car,Long hair floating on the shoulders,Peng Changyi immediately recognized that it was on the day of Xu Deqiang’s memorial service,The woman in black walking at the end of the crowd,He said:“Why are people from the news unit also here??”
Qi Xiang said:“Newspapers and TV stations are here,Prepare to make a full report on your lower-level investigation。”
Peng Changyi said:“Old Qi,Is it too public,I just go down and go around,Need such a bluff??”
Qi Xiang said:“The county magistrate’s work doesn’t just say anything。”
Peng Changyi was taken aback。
Qi Xiang said again:“Our mountains are not better than plains,Since this time,The negative impact of the mining disaster is not small,Secretary Wu’s instructions,To promote your research,also,It was originally the slack season,Low season for news organizations,Leaders are less active,Less news,The person in charge of the newspaper and TV station told me many times,When will you go down and they will follow。”
Peng Changyi said badly:“If the leader is not active, they have no news to report?Such a big mountain,What day is the news not happening,The real news is at the grassroots,Not on the leader。”
Qi Xiang thought for a while and said:“Maybe,You go on,It can also bring some confidence to the people。”
Peng Changyi looked at him intently,Qi Xiang didn’t look at him,But avoiding his gaze,Direct the staff to move the instant noodles into the car,Ham sausage、Mineral water, etc.。
Peng Changyi felt,For three sources,For the people around him,He doesn’t know much,He felt that Qi Xiang’s words were also very meaningful,But from his dodging gaze, it was clear that he didn’t want to explain anything,Just nodded,Asked:“Why bring these things?”
Qi Xiang said with a smile:“Then you will know。”