330 This question is my strength(5/5)

Xingyou Lingxi。
Challenge the beauty of the planet’s trajectory。
After reading the topic, many people are still confused。
The simpler description is that the two points follow a fixed circular orbit and move continuously.,Then the line between two points,Will keep exercising。But because of the different orbit radius between the double stars,Different running speed,The distance between them is naturally not necessarily fixed,There will be a shortest and longest distance between two planets,But the line always exists。
When time has passed long enough,After the two planets circle a certain number of times,That line will draw complex and different trajectories。
The student’s challenge is simple。
The guests arbitrarily choose two planets in the galaxy given by the system,Then the participating players just watch the rotation of the two stars,To determine which line will be in the early stages of the two planets、What kind of trajectory will be drawn in each of the three stages in the middle and later stages。
The competition is also correct,When the correct rate is the same,Win in less time。
The difficulty is that after the guests have identified the two planets,Computer simulated screen,There are only two planets in the orbit of rotation,That virtual line does not exist,This requires students’ spatial imagination;And also added nebula and meteorite on the screen,This also directly causes the trajectories of the two planets to be obscured in many cases.,This also further increases the difficulty。
Not to mention that the different trajectories of the three stages are perfectly judged。
of course,These trajectories do not need to be drawn by the players themselves,The scene provided the orbital map of the three phases after all two planets in the title were connected.,And some confusing orbital diagrams totaling one hundred and sixty pairs。
Many of these orbital diagrams are often similar,Even some of them are directly mirror images that swap left and right up and down。
How do you say the difficulty……
“Hey,I didn’t expect the second question to be much simpler than the first,Why don’t you play this question??”Basically, the scientists in the audience have not finished introducing the difficulty,Wang Yufei said。
For Wang Yufei, this topic is really simple。