Negative display。

High numbers exceeded。
Devil figure。
It is difficult to say that the strange and compressive effort。
Three elements of fractional values,First, the argument is definitely not sustainable.,But I didn’t expect to break down the lower limit.。
Look at this,I am definitely the same as the other side of the chess concept.。
Including the last itemX,It should also be in the opposite state。
This is the night god.,A man in a tripping opposite side,Two faces like coins。
“I didn’t expect that we can meet this way.,now think of it,I have a truth with you, there is really a fate.。”Night god National Kyoto,Not happy and not sad。
Along with the windshield,I feel like the tide。
From the 清 沼 失 失 失 失 武 武,Every time behind each, the shadow of the night god in the sky is shaking.,He stands on the highest mountain in the chess circle,Overlooking the approach to all the way。
And now,Science is also one of the peaks of the chapter of the chess circles.,Although the gesture is still looking up,But the distance is basically close.。
“You seem to see the strange thing?”The night god of the national Beijing is surprised to sweep the science,I also perceived visual effects outside of Koho’s regular convention.。
“Roughly the same,But it is also difficult to describe you.。”Boarding,“Don’t say this.,I said it,What is it?,It should be not prepared for me to choose a more suitable team.?”
“No this plan,Just simply feels unexpectedly for your choice.,Let me think of some old things。”Night god country in Beijing gently closed eyes。
He continued:“You have already thought about it, you have to face it on the board.?”
“of course,Who let him be the title holder?,If you don’t beat him,I can’t take this champion, I have no private envites.。”
Can’t say this。
New Star War,When Qingdao is lying on his bed,in the room,There is a bright water blade outside the window.。
If he failed at the time,There is no doubt that the water blade will break the window.,Manufacturing a tragedy,At that time, he himself except sad.,The probability is still facing the risk of entering。
So much,It seems to be a little private.。
“If I advise you to give up this dragon battle,You will definitely not promise.。”Night god Kazh said calmly。
“There is certain。”
In the face of this expectation,Night god country in Beijing, did not touch。
“really,you、Yinchuan Longhe,Also there is a Zaita allegation,Is the same person。”Night god National Beijing。
“and many more,Why did Lai Zaixi have been pulled in??”
“Don’t you find it yet?,your teacher,Zaivan algoria is largely as well as Yuechuan Long,Are synonymous,They are deeply caught in an obsessed with a better thing.,Thus, I have a loneliness and long way to go.。”
“do not understand。”
“You should listen to the sails to talk about it.,He won the night of the dragon’s title at every time,He saw the universe。”Night god National Beijing。
So much,The science is also impressed.。
That is the first formal meeting,When chatting in rules。
He still remembers Saito talks about this.,That looks at the color of the sky.。
Like a young man on poor island looks at the prosperity and indulge of the bustling high-rise building。
“藤,Since now, the only nine-stage chess player in front line,Many people advise him to retreat to rest,But useless,No one can’t stop his yearning for the dragon seat champion,Because the universe is too fascinating, this is a curse,Maybe not,A curse called the universe。”Night God State Beijing slowly telling the road。
Kohong low meditation。
“The same is true for Yinchuan Long,You have also heard the story of him.?”
“Heard a little,Say what he is killed from the East Coast in Pacific,The result is true all the way to the West Coast of the Pacific Ocean??”
Night god country in Beijing:“it is true,He is overcast at the ocean or say,The dragon he kills,Bad snake。”