Five weight loss sports favorite after 80s


Five weight loss sports favorite after 80s

Today’s five key fitness exercises are popular with urban women: boxing, Taekwondo, pedaling, Latin dance and yoga, which are related to their stressful life and stressful work like men, if you have similarThe situation, then take action.

銆€銆€Yoga – Soft Body Language Yoga can be used to prevent and treat a variety of diseases.

When practicing yoga, the body can be kept still in a certain position to achieve physiological unity.

Practicing yoga can balance endocrine and balance the body’s limbs. Even if you don’t sleep for a long time, you can maintain better physical strength.

銆€銆€Fighting – Quick and Effective Weight Loss Fighting is created by a black world champion who mixes beatings, karate, taekwondo and some dance moves, requiring the practitioner to punch and kick through the music.

The combination of speed and strength requires a lot of time. The one-hour fight can consume 600 calories, strengthen the muscles of the waist and abdomen, and continue to practice for 3 months so that the practitioner has good endurance.

銆€銆€Taekwondo – find the master feels Taekwondo originated from the folk martial arts of ancient Korea, it is based on the footwork.

銆€銆€Many people practice Taekwondo not only to keep fit, but also to the “cool” word.

The coach standing at one end held the foot target high above the waist, and the book ran for a few steps and then leaped up, and the side flies accurately hit the midfoot target.

The seemingly thrilling action was originally a piece of cake in Taekwondo.

銆€銆€Latin Dance – shaping the perfect waist and hip dance Latin dance can fully release emotions, relieve stress, enhance body flexibility, and strengthen heart and lung function.

The state of the human body when dancing Latin dance: the upper body, especially the shoulders, should be untouched. It is the embodiment of white culture in Latin dance; the middle part of the body, including the waist and ankle, should be able to wiggle, demonstrating the lively and extroverted African culture.Features; the lower body, legs and feet dance some of the Indian culture.

銆€銆€Pedal exercise – the up and down rhythm enjoy pedal operation is a kind of aerobics, which requires the practitioner to perform the medium and low intensity exercise in the state of excessive oxygen supply.

Because of the height of the pedal itself and the intensity of the exercise, the energy required to complete the same action is more than that on the flat ground, so that the legs are stronger and the muscle lines are more beautiful, which can effectively solve the problem of leg sag.