“Is it worried??”Ouyang Jianping asked,

“Do not,I am not worried,I trust you very much.,Your practice is right,If the film is still on Johnson,It is now estimated that it has been in the Japanese or German.,I have to thank you for the United States.。”
“Now the film has been sent to Shanghai.,Will have a reliable person to send to Chongqing,You are best to send people to Chongqing waiting。”Ouyang Jianping said,
“We will send people immediately。”
“Don’t be Johnson,Because he has been stared by the Germans.。”Ritual,
“This we already know,Consulate has been in contact with domestic,We have someone in Chongqing,As long as things arrive in us, I will take it away.。”
“Tell us to contact us.,After that, our people will send you directly.。”
“Thanks again,This time, I have lost you.。”
“Mr. Bernard,What information you need?”Can’t be delayed here asks,
“German,Japan’s,Soviet,I need in China.,I am ready for money.。”
NS292chapter Gun manufacturing specializing
Rui Rui Dressressed this look is based on intelligence traders.,Ouyang Jianping stood up:“Then you talk,I went to the front hall to have a cup of coffee.。”
Ouyang Jianping after the building,Bernard took it out of the prepared money box to put it up in Qi Rui.,Say:“Mr. Qi,I believe that you will give me the intelligence you want.。”
“About Japanese aspects, their current biggest military action is attacking Wuhan,They have captured Anqing and Xuzhou,Next, you will continue to advance under the cooperation between the Yangtze River.,We speculate before November,The Japanese army will capture Wuhan!”Ritual,
“What I want to know is that the Chinese will still hold back after the Wuhan will fail.?”
“Squadron should be actively evacuated from Wuhan,This will keep most of the elite troops.,Moreover, now China’s national united country is cooperative to cooperate with cooperation,According to our intelligence analysis,After the Wuhan team, China and Japan is likely to enter http://www.shuandi.cn the stage.,Reliable news day Nevocad claims to maintain the status quo,Because China’s rich areas are almost occupied by Japanese army,They will focus on resource plunder,It is better to achieve the strategic purpose of war war.。”
Surprisingly said that Americans most want to know,They also analyze,But because the national conditions of China and Japan are not very familiar,Many of all analyzes are not correct,Listened to the rituit,Bernard said:“Mr. Qi,I believe that you provide information accuracy,Can you tell me about the international situation??”
Next, we will carefully tell Bernard to the current international situation.,And very worried about Germany will continue to expand after Austria.,The Soviet Union supported China’s anti-war warfare,And sent aid to the Women’s War for the Airways(Soviet pilots sacrificed http://www.yhbjzhoucheng.cn in Wuhan will have hundreds of pilots。)。
“Mr. Qi,How did you get these intelligence??”
“Do you have no information analyst experts in your country??”
“some,But your intelligence analysis is also too accurate.,We want to ask you to be a consultant??”
“I do not have time,Because I will leave China tomorrow, I will go to Japan.,Because Japan has a very big ambition like Germany,They are not just like to occupy China is so simple.,According to our analysis,You will have a battle with Japan.!”Ritual,
“We must have a battle with Japan!?This is not too likely.!”Bernard is amazed,
“Friendly reminds you of Americans,Japanese is far more than you want to expand,Because according to our intelligence,Japan plans to build forty-five aircraft carriers,This is enough to see their ambitions。”
Bernard listened to http://www.zzmaifang.cn it quite shock,Ask:“Mr. Qi,Can you tell us when this battle is probably??”
“According to our analysis, it will take about three years.。”
“Japan will declare war to us.?”
“Japanese consistent style is not war!I am going to say this.,I believe you have your own.,In short, the money you give is definitely worth,Because the light is to help you get a heavy water research note, more than this money.!”Ritual,
“Yes,Mr. Qi’s intelligence, I remember.,I hope we can continue to cooperate in the future.。”Bernard discovered that this mysterious oriental in front of him was simply a secret genius.,Because the information he provides is with data,This is the biggest persuasion。
“certainly,I will come back from Japan to come to you.,Goodbye!Mr. Bernard,Help you good luck in the United States!”
Rui Rui to bring the box to the lobby to indicate that Ouyang Jianping left together,After the car,Ritual:“Big sister,Recently, if there is no task, let’s stop for a while.。”