It is difficult to buy these health food treatments for every family, and every household can use it!


It is difficult to buy these health food treatments for every family, and every household can use it!

Unwell body, pay attention to doctors consulted by Macbe.

The so-called “eaters have a square”, inevitably, eating things is to pay attention to methods.

So, what do our bodies need most food?

This whole food map must be collected and told you the recipe from the head to the feet!

1, hair care black sesame is rich in protein and linoleic acid, can supplement hair nutrition, long-term consumption is good for hair health.

How to eat 250 grams of black sesame seeds, stir-fry, add sugar and mix well, once a day and morning.

Suitable for hair whitening and easy to take off.

2, vitamin A in skin care pumpkin can reduce the risk of skin cancer, have the effect of “aging” skin against free radicals, maintain skin luster and enhance skin elasticity.

You can make pumpkin trotter soup by washing. After washing the trotters, simmer them into small pieces and cook them with water.

Then peel the pumpkin and wash it, cut into small pieces, and then put it into the casserole together with the pig’s trotters, add a few pieces of ginger, add appropriate amount of water, and boil over low heat.

Add salt and MSG to taste.

3, leggings with potassium-rich bananas is the number one in the food “beautiful leg master”, it contains a rich amount of potassium can help the leg muscles and prevent leg cramps.

Banana consumption method Banana is high in nutrients, low in trace amount, contains phosphorus of “smart salt”, rich in protein, sugar, potassium, vitamin A and C, and is rich in fiber. It is a very good nutritious food.

Bananas are both sweet and delicious fruits and can be supplemented with food.

Eating bananas after a meal or not at a high temperature is the right way to eat.

4, eye-protected sweet potato is rich in carotene, can provide rich vitamin A, can improve vision, and often eat sweet potato is good for the skin.

Edible methods There are many ways to eat sweet potatoes. They can be cooked and cooked, and they can be made into sweet potatoes.

However, it should be noted that it is not advisable to eat too much sweet potato every time, so as to avoid the bad feelings such as heartburn, sour water and abdominal distension; and cause stomach ulcers, excessive stomach acid, and diabetics should not eat sweet potatoes.

In addition, sweet potato bogey is eaten with persimmons, tomatoes, white wine, crabs, and bananas.

5, brain peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts, have a good effect on the brain and enhance memory.

Nuts rich in vitamin E, selenium and other antioxidants, protect brain cells from free radical damage, it is helpful to relieve brain cell aging and improve forgetfulness.

How to eat Generally, a small amount of 20-30 grams per day is enough.

6, heart-protecting soybeans contain a variety of essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids, can promote the body’s trace and plasma metabolism, and maintain cardiovascular patency.

In addition to the processing of soybeans into soy milk, tofu, cardamom, can also be made into soybean rice.

When cooking rice, first soak the soybeans in hot water for more than 4 hours, then change the water and rice to cook, so as not to cause bloating.

7, liver care often eat litchi has a good strong liver, the effect of strengthening the pancreas.

Edible people who like to eat lychee but are afraid of hot, while eating lychee, can drink more salt water, can also use 20?
30 grams of raw earthworms or pork bone soup, or drinking with candied dates, can prevent getting angry.

8, spleen and rice are mild and sweet, suitable for people with spleen and stomach cold.

How to eat 50 grams of glutinous rice flour, 鑼嫇 30 grams.

Stir the glutinous rice flour with yellow and glutinous rice into a fine powder, once a day, have the effect of nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen, dampness, and calming the nerves.

9, protect the lungs and eat more tomatoes can prevent respiratory diseases, protect the bacterial infection of both lung complications.

Method of consumption In general, tomatoes can be eaten raw or cooked.

Today, tomatoes are recommended to be fried with broccoli. Broccoli contains natural antioxidants such as flavonoids and anthocyanins, which inhibit macromolecules.

Broccoli can be pre-twisted and more easily cooked.

10, the kidney has been known as “the valley of the kidney” since ancient times, Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the body, promoting blood circulation, detoxification and moisturizing, especially suitable for kidney deficiency.

Edible method Put the black beans into the wok and fry them, then wash them with water, set aside, put the ingredients such as black chicken into the pot, boil them with high heat, then put them into the fleece, red dates, ginger, and switch to medium heat for 3 hours.It can be eaten according to your taste and seasoning with salt.

11, a large amount of organic sulfur compounds in the stomach, can eliminate the Helicobacter pylori infection in the stomach, so that the risk of gastric cancer precancerous lesions and gastric cancer is reduced by 40%.
Eating a method of eating one-fifth of an onion per day, or a garlic head, can reduce the incidence of cancer.
For the health of yourself and your family, be sure to collect it!