Although the Korean team still loses more and wins less in official matches,But at any rate, there hasn’t been an embarrassing record of victorious in 32 years.——in2018In the top 12 of the World Cup qualifiers,When China-South Korea relations are most tense,The Chinese team is still at home anyway1:0Defeated the Korean team,I didn’t shame the country this time,Did not drop the chain at the critical moment。

And in the time and space where Hu Lai is now,It’s embarrassing。
From1982Lost to South Korea for the first time in the Asian Games semi-finals,until2023year,For forty-one years,The Chinese team has never been officially internationalAWon the Korean team。
Tragedy is almost home。
But strictly speaking“Korean Fear”Men’s football only,Women’s football“Korean Fear”,So it can’t be said that Chinese football has“Korean Fear”,I can only say that the Chinese men’s football team has“Korean Fear”。
Switch to the women’s team,Normal confrontation,Both sides win each other。Statistics of historical data will reveal,Don’t say it won’t beat South Korea for 41 years,The Chinese women’s football team has not even beaten the South Korean team more than five times in a row——They have only four consecutive unbeaten records against the Korean team。
However, the Korean women’s football team has a record of twelve consecutive games against the Chinese women’s football team.。
If you have to say something is wrong,I’m afraid that the Korean women’s football team had suffered“Phobia”。
Today’s East Asian Cup opening match can be a good example of women’s football girls.,They don’t know what is“Fear of Korea”。
After Li Qingqing opened the scoring for the Chinese team 28 minutes into the game,The morale of the Chinese team soars,They scored another goal in the second half,Achieved2:0Leading。
Then Yan Encai began to change and adjust,Exercise team。
Li Qingqing was also replaced at the 78th minute。
When she is off,The Olympic team players stood up and applauded and cheered for her。
This time Hu Lai also got up from his seat,At last he didn’t let his father in front of the TV find any reason。