China Science Fiction Conference added a science fiction film and television venture, 10 projects broke through

Sauna Night News (reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) The 2019 China Science Fiction Convention with the theme of “Scientific Dreams, Creating the Future” was held at the Garden Expo Garden in Fengtai District, Beijing from November 2nd to 3rd.From the perspective of encouraging and supporting creation and innovation, this year’s China Science Fiction Convention especially added a science fiction film and television venture, and was handed over to the company’s micro-image culture, which has been engaged in the development of science fiction copyright and science fiction film production.The VC is committed to screening, supporting potential science fiction film and television projects and excellent science fiction creative teams, building science fiction film and television projects and film production, and communicating with investment institutions to promote the successful landing of excellent science fiction film projects.The venture capital committee’s final review judges appeared on the scene.From the “Three Body” in 2015 to China’s first Hugo Award, to the “Wandering Earth” in 2019 to achieve a single box office46.In just 5.4 billion yuan, China’s science fiction industry has entered a period of rapid development in just four years.According to the “2018 China Science Fiction Industry Report” released at the 2018 China Science Fiction Conference, the output value of the first half of 2018 was close to 10 billion US dollars. This year, this value is still increasing.In this high output value, the largest contribution is the science fiction film and television.It is reported that from the release to the end of this venture capital meeting, 290 science fiction movie projects have been recruited in just two months. The theme of the creation and the setting of science fiction have shown diverse phenomena. Superpowers, robots, and technology gradually replace. TechnologyDisasters, parallel space-time, artificial intelligence, biological variation, space-time travel, space adventure, alien creatures, and the number of types of conscious world all exceed 10, and these types together account for about 76%.The number of types of technological progress is the largest, accounting for 12%, followed by alien creatures, accounting for 10%.The “genre + science fiction” is the main creative direction recognized and selected by everyone. There are more than 90 projects with two types of action and suspense, accounting for about 16%.In fact, the love and plot categories accounted for more than 10%.The judges and once watched the movie project show.In addition to the obvious commercial attributes, another feature of this sci-fi film and television venture is that there is a phenomenon that mature production teams and newcomers are competing on the same stage, and they have declared that the project quality standards are relatively large.Of the 290 declared projects, 140 projects have complete scripts, accounting for 48%, and 135 complete script outlines, accounting for 47%, so the competition for selection is particularly fierce.For the special venture capital of science fiction, many creators have reported great enthusiasm, and they all agree that “the creation of every science fiction movie is always a new beginning and a new journey.”After a fierce competition, 10 movie projects broke through and entered the final road show relay.They are: “Animal Observer”, “Block”, “Awakening Anna”, “Memory Vending Machine”, “Mystery Picture”, “When the Stars Shine”, “World Run”, “My Robot Brothers”, “Domestic”, “Space Exploration Editorial Department.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Guo Li