Tao only。”

Bai Qingsong hurriedly explained awkwardly。
“Do people with this disease have goldfish eyes??”
Shen Ruoxi is still struggling with this question。“Yes,I asked the doctor this question,The doctor’s answer is no exception,As long as you have this disease,The eyes will protrude obviously outward,My relative is,Several of his patients,to be frank……Looks scared
Human,Even a big man like me feels terrible。”
Bai Qingsong said with lingering fears。
“Xiaoxue shouldn’t be,I didn’t notice anything abnormal on her face!to be honest,I think she and Xiaoyun are more beautiful than before。”Shen Ruoxi said without humility……of course,She is telling the truth,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun are getting older,People have grown up,Is starting to enter girls“Full bloom”The stage,Charming,Women’s natural charm has greatly increased,
Of course it will make people feel better than before!This is an objective law of development that every girl will experience,So nothing strange,Normal。
“Yep,So Xiaoxue really doesn’t look like it,But I really didn’t remember that she was so greedy before!”
Murong Shan said hesitantly。“Do not,She used to love it too,But it’s just a taste,Because she still pays attention to her figure,Maybe there were so many little sisters in the family,She has strong self-esteem,Love face,So I always love to eat
Habit is hidden,Now I’m familiar with everyone like a family,She began to reveal her nature again,Ha ha。”
Shen Ruoxi guessed,And in fact;Her guess is completely correct!Is it a sister of a mother?,Shen Ruoxi is my sister,I still know my sister quite well。
“I am curious,You sisters,Who has a better figure now??”
Murong Shan smiled and asked。
“Do you need to ask??Of course my body is better。”
Shen Ruoxi replied immediately and confidently……The answer is so confident,This is called a pride,This is called arrogant。