He Jia looks at him,Smiled:“No need to,We don’t buy much material,Two people are enough。”</p>

Su Luo’s eyes rolled,It’s a matter of life and death,He spoke:“Teacher Ho,I also have a lot of materials to buy,New guest here,I will cook a few dishes。”</p>
Hear words,He Jiao’s eyes lit up,Can’t help but think of the taste of Su Luo’s delicacies,Swallowed,Tao:“Row,Then you go with us,Peng Peng and Yang Di are optimistic about home,We will be back soon。”</p>
Huang Leidao:“Do you have much to buy?I don’t want to call a few people to go together,Di。。。”</p>
Su Luo was in a cold sweat,Hurriedly stopped:“No need to,No need to,Three people are enough,Teacher Huang, let’s go,Go late,There is no fresh tofu。”</p>
With,Just pulled two people out of the yard,Until I walk a distance,I turned around and found no one was catching up,This is a long sigh of relief。</p>
Watching him feel relieved,He Jiao said funny:“What happened,You drag us along the way,Look, Teacher Huang is tired。”</p>
Su Luo looked over,I saw Huang Lei panting heavily,Out of breath,A fat face flushed。</p>
Su Luo smiled embarrassedly,Tao:“Teacher Huang, are you okay?,I was too anxious just now。”</p>
Huang Lei waved her hand,Coughing,Side way:“I,I’m fine,It’s just a long time without exercise,Ran so far suddenly,A little uncomfortable。”</p>
Teacher He smiled:“All right,All right,Let’s go,The car arranged by the program group is already waiting at the entrance of the village。”</p>
Sanru nodded,Walked towards the entrance of the village。</p>
Mushroom house yard,Seeing Su Luo slipping away without paying attention,Hot gritted teeth。</p>
In my heart,I must make him look good when he comes back。</p>
Ju did not think so much,I saw Su Luo following Huang Lei and Teacher He out shopping,She folded back to her seat,Teasing pots and pans。</p>
Yandi got up from his seat,Huang Lei、Teacher He is away,He seems to be the oldest in the entire yard。</p>
He feels that he must seize this opportunity,Mess up,Can prove their existence</p>