“I.Why should i believe you?”

“The envelope you sent to Konoha is blue。”
“too.Great.”Heili is emotional,Worrying all day and night is afraid of letting him down,I can’t lift my head in the morning,Heili, who gradually calmed down, looked at the mouse in front of him with questioning eyes,“but,You Konoha only sent a child?”
“You don’t need to care about these things,In addition,Information about the bandit group.”
“After I reach Konoha safely,I will tell you about the bandits。”
“.Hope what you said is true,Next,I will find a way to transfer you to my cell.”
Shuyou paused suddenly,Because the sound of prisoners rioting came from behind him。
“what happened,Blogger。”Watching the blogger who hurried towards him,Mouse You asked。
“Someone seems to have robbed prison。”
“Robbery?”Mouse You Frown,If it’s just an ordinary robbery,He won’t worry,What he is worried about is that the bandit group will kill Heili by robbery。
“Heili,You are with us during this time。”
“Yes。”After taking a look at the blogger,Hei Li responded。
“Hey,what is that!”
A dragon prisoner pointed to the person standing on the tower and said。
“That is.”
Blogger squinted,Watching the monster on the tower。
“This is by the dark forces of the universeomgTransformed monster,Evil Ginseng!”