“Hey,Go away!Don’t come back later.!”

Su sighed。
Is a blessing is not a disaster,It’s a misfortune.!
“I am also looking forward to her not to come back.!Broken the wind of a whole village!”
“That two?”
“Needened the village to pick up,Say yourself,May be afraid of being shameful!Also,We are difficult to do!”
A few days later,The news that Summer is also missing to Qingshan Village
In addition to sighing two sounds,I didn’t cause much wave of waves.。
Sujia and Ri Zhengjia,During the day, the night has improved vigilance.
“Niu Niu,What hai is holding in your hand??A fragrant!Tiger, they are in the village,Niang takes you to find them together?”
Zhou Loun girl full of dresses,The eyebrows are got up.,This taste is afraid for a http://www.fxccmy.cn while.,I don’t know how to wash it.。
How is your child? What is the strange thing??
“Pig hair!I am doing a good thing.,You will know later!”
Hand with hair,Niu Niu used his elbow to push your own mother,Trying to make her own territory。
“Good,Is the mother can’t work??Let you be busy。”
Cry,Can only touch the meaning of Niu Niu。
Zhou is no longer buds,Niu Niu is always working in the hand
I hope to succeed.!Although the probability has a lost small,If you can’t make it, you will spend some silver.
“Su Dazi,See what I gave you.!”
Qi Dynasty, a mysterious thing that bamboo basket。
But the basket is faint“Wang Wang——”I will sell her as soon as possible.。
“Is it a dog??”
The daughter-in-law put the basket one on the ground.,Su Xiaoyami immediately went up and seemed。
“Isn’t it just??My mother’s little augler was delivered today.,I http://www.digital999.cn haven’t delayed you at all.!”
“That is really trouble you.!”
“This is awkward!This dog’s scorpion raises it easy to easily,It is difficult to say。I will give it a point in my family.,No need to eat food。”
“Just arrived at your home,Not familiar with。Your child is more,Prevent injury to dolls,It’s still a few days known as it is good.。”
“We know!look,Let’s have a big chicken circle.,Just change into a dog’s nest!”
“That feeling,I am also worried that your time is not coming.,Don’t know where your hands are strict?!In this way, it is a lot of effort.!”
“I also said that this is not a happening.。”
Suntai is in the direction of the daughter’s nest in the past.,Let her put the dog’s scorpion inside。
“Niece,Nothing, I will go back first.!My family is still waiting for me to go back to cook.!”
“Be unpleasant,Wait a minute!”
Su Grandma always thinks what you have forgotten,This will not leave the wife in my child.。