24 common misunderstandings in shaping slimming


24 common misunderstandings in shaping slimming

Maybe you have fallen into the trap.

Looking back now, you may encounter a misunderstanding trap of shaping and slimming.

This trap is a variety of traps, hidden in your body and slimming concept, exercise style and eating habits, waiting for the opportunity, once you relax your vigilance, it will become your obstacles to implement the plan.

銆€銆€Part 1: 20 misunderstandings in the concept of shaping slimming NO.

1 I hope that the effect of exercise is immediate. Experts point out that it takes at least a month to see the effect, such as muscle firmness and weight loss.

In fact, it is especially important to insist on it.

To achieve your goals, you must have a plan in place and be patient.


2 Ignore the assessment of your physical condition. The more detailed you know about your physical condition, the fitness plan you develop may be more suitable for you.

Do you know your body aunt index and heart rate?

If you don’t know, then please ask the fitness instructor to do a test for you, and then adjust your fitness plan according to the test results.


3 Undetermined fitness goals Setting an expectation value is invaluable for your implementation of the entire fitness program.

Because challenges and evaluability can help you stay on top of your plan, the good results you anticipate will always motivate you not to give up.

Make a plan, such as losing 5 kg in one month, or reducing your waist circumference by 2 cm. Always keep it in your heart while exercising, and you will be re-motivated.


4 focus on aerobic exercise, neglect strength training on the goal of achieving weight loss, strength training and aerobic exercise is just as important.

Strength training helps build muscle groups, and these lean muscle groups consume more free radicals every day.

So if the number of muscle groups in your body increases, or even if you just rest, the variables consumed will increase accordingly.

If you can combine aerobic exercise and strength training, you will definitely get better results.


5 fitness guidance video tape defects are too high Many people think that the movement is fragile, the intensity is serious, the better the effect, but it is not.

Difficult training, such as fast dance steps, can even make you feel frustrated for novices and can also cause you to be injured in sports.

Remember, training at home is not like having a coach in the classroom correcting your movements at any time, so be sure to check to see if the skill level of the sports video matches your level.


6 A survey of the University of Michigan, which is considered too fat and ashamed to work in public, shows that many women who have never been to the gym are happy to find that women in the gym are not much better than them.

Going bravely is the first step in your successful body sculpting and slimming.


7 fear that because strength training grows too strong, don’t worry.

Because women don’t secrete a lot of testosterone like men, strength training doesn’t make women as strong as a man.

Strength training will only make your body fit and increase your metabolism.


8 Don’t take it lightly before you get the ideal body shape No one can have a perfect body, because “perfect” is a standard that does not exist.

Improve your body shape by changing the muscles that you can change to stretch your muscles and energize your body.

You can be proud of your long legs, slender waist and sexy shoulders, without having to lose weight because your body can’t be as thin as some models.


9 The amount of sweat to reduce exercise and even sweat is a healthy performance, but the amount of perspiration does not lead to an indicator of exercise intensity.

Your heart rate and effort are the more important criteria.銆€銆€No.

It takes about 28 minutes to spend 10 minutes exercising your abdominal muscles.

In fact, you just spent 1?
Exercise your abdominal muscles in 2 minutes.

The rest of the time you can use it for other sports.


11 It is an exciting thing to judge the weight loss of fitness results by numerical changes, but this does not really explain the problem.

Because of the weight loss, it does not reflect the relationship between muscles and tendons in your body.

Muscles make up less volume than adults, so you may seem to be thinner, the aunts in your body are reduced, but your weight is increased.

The numbers don’t tell everything.


12 When you are wearing a hat and exercising indoors, many of them are distributed through your head. Wearing a hat during exercise will prevent this heat dissipation process.


13 If you don’t have a proper bra to protect your cheekbones when you wear a normal or even lace bodice, it is easy to cause the above premature drooping.

Women with small or medium-sized chests can only recover the impact of exercise on the chest by wearing a tight-fitting bra, but women with a fuller upper body need to use a specific rugged sports bra to protect the chest.


14 like to compare with others that “she is more effective than me”, this is unfounded.

Because you don’t know her physical condition at all, how do you know that she was not a player in the Olympics before?

Don’t think about others, focus on your own plans, and set goals that meet your own level. That’s what you need to do most.

Because you are losing your weight, not someone else’s.


15 There are many reasons for the body’s pain and fatigue caused by the signal of the body. It may be due to injury or illness, or it may be sleep.

After you understand the reason, take a rest and adjust, and pay attention to changing your fitness program, so that the weak part of the body is fully rested.

Realize your body by realizing your body’s signals and guiding your movements.


16 Hold a negative attitude If you have always had the following negative attitude: “I am so vulnerable”, “I must not reduce it.”

You really become very vulnerable, and you really can’t get down.

Because these negative attitudes will completely knock you down.

If you wait too long to let you down, it is better to arouse your fighting spirit by achieving long-term short-term goals.

If you work hard to find positive changes, you will definitely find them.


17 only pay attention to the physiological changes brought about by exercise. The effect of physical exercise is fully reflected in the enhancement of physical fitness.

A recent survey by a US university shows that a 10-minute moderate training can improve people’s mood and make people feel very happy.

In addition to improving your sleep quality, exercise can also improve your ability to relieve stress.


18 Let the body be exposed to the natural environment too hot, too cold or too wet may affect your movement.

Learn to protect yourself with your coat. No matter how the temperature changes, you should not expose your skin directly to prevent the loss of moisture and cause discomfort.


19 skin damage caused by the habit of ultraviolet rays without glasses, which will cause skin cancer.

So wear sunglasses whenever you are outdoors.
It is best to choose sunglasses that supplement the energy to absorb long UV and short UV lenses.

20 skating without wearing protective gear, skating without helmets, wristbands and knee pads will make you extremely vulnerable.

Head, hand, blood pressure, etc. are very vulnerable parts, even if you are sure of your own technology, you must learn to arm yourself.

銆€銆€Part 2: 4 misunderstandings in eating habits NO.

21 exercise as a reason to eat and eat will make you feel more hungry, if you think you can eat anything, then you are wrong.

Exercise really needs more energy, but when you add energy, you must pay attention to healthy ground food, try to eat a mixture containing protein, glucose and traces. Don’t treat food as a reward for hard work, it will only attract your conversion.Exceeded the standard NO.

22 Drinking water every day is insufficient to ensure adequate water, which can increase your energy and reduce your appetite.

Sometimes we think of thirst as being hungry.

Sometimes you can satisfy your body needs with a glass of water instead of having to eat a meal.

Make sure you drink 8 glasses of water a day.

In sports, be sure to drink an extra 200 every 15 minutes?
300 grams of water.


23 Do not replenish energy before exercise. Place 800 in an hour before your exercise?
With 1200 focal lengths, you can achieve optimal motion and achieve optimal exercise.

Small snacks, bananas and whole-grain crackers with peanut butter are small snacks based on small amounts.


24 strength protein tablets to meet the needs of muscle exercise is completely unnecessary.

Women in exercise need more protein and absorb up to the usual daily intake (take 0 per kilogram of body weight).

35 grams of protein is standard).

These proteins can be supplemented by a daily balanced diet without the need to eat protein tablets.

Lean meat, eggs, dairy products and other foods are called proteins.