Office women are wary of anti-aging!

Office women are wary of anti-aging!

What the white-collar workers are most afraid of is aging, so how do the beauty in front of the computer prevent premature aging syndrome?

Huahua Xiaobian is your trick.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€杩涘叆E鏃朵唬锛岄珮鏁堢巼鍜屽揩鑺傚鎴愪簡鐜颁唬鍔炲叕鐨勪富娴併€傘€€銆€However, too many white-collar workers who face computers for a long time are experiencing physiological aging, physical decline and psychological weakness.

銆€銆€How should computer office workers cope with this premature aging syndrome?

銆€銆€Try not to let the back of the screen face someone’s place, because the computer’s strongest radiation is the back, followed by the left and right sides, and the front of the screen is the weakest.

With a clear reading of the word, at least 50 cm to 75 cm, this can reduce the damage of electromagnetic radiation.

銆€銆€Adjust the relative height of the computer monitor and the seat.

When the angle between the person’s line of sight and the vertical line to the center of the earth is about 115 degrees, the human retina muscle is most relaxed.

銆€銆€Ordinary writing desks are designed for people to bow down. As the computer desk is not suitable for height, the head and neck will be strained quickly when the Internet is continuously “on”.

銆€銆€If there is no condition to replace the special computer desk, you can gradually raise the seat until the reset feels relaxed.

銆€銆€Beware of a “computer face” who often interacts with computers. Because of the continuous confrontation with the lifeless computer screen, and the less and less communication with people, they will unwittingly produce a faint expression, cold and cold.””Computer face”: hair color is yellow, look sluggish, no smile, and often lacks enthusiasm for life, sensitive and suspicious, self-centered, stubborn or obsessed with something.

Spiritual physicians suggest that in order to avoid growing a “computer face”, it is necessary to maintain a proper desire and have a happy attitude; to communicate with relatives and friends, and to enhance feelings through face-to-face communication.

Many people are too tired to work on their grounds. If they are on vacation, they will not be able to close their doors. Instead, they will not relax when they go out to distract themselves.

In addition, active participation in physical exercise can greatly release psychological stress and relieve fatigue.

銆€銆€Exercise can improve the function of the central nervous system and improve the excitability, balance and selectivity of the cerebral cortical neural process.

銆€銆€People who use computers for a long time should have a little time.

銆€銆€Beware of the tricks in the eyes: the most obvious part of the aging of the office beauty is the eyes.

銆€銆€The use of eye cream has a moisturizing effect, in addition to reducing the problem of low dark circles and eye bags, it can also improve the effect of wrinkles and fine lines.

銆€銆€Eye gel and eye cream have the same function, but the gel-like tiny area is more refreshing, and there is no burden on the skin during the day, which can eliminate the eye bags and relieve the symptoms of the eye skin.

銆€銆€Pay attention to eye habits, rest for 5 to 10 minutes every hour, and relax.

銆€銆€The brightness of the display should be moderate, not too bright, and the background should be multi-pigmented. When reading the text of a long article, the black text on white and the white on black should be used alternately. When the sand clock appears, you can try to do eye movements.Eyeball, three times clockwise, three counterclockwise, alternating).

Try not to look at the computer in the dark.

銆€銆€With the “mouse hand”, the Internet family repeatedly typed and moved the mouse on the keyboard every day, resulting in damage to the peripheral nerves, numbness in the hands, burning pain, swollen wrists, inflexible hand movements and even weakness.

銆€銆€Try the follow-up action: use the watch as an auxiliary device, turn the wrist clockwise and counterclockwise 25 times; use the force to force the fist, forcefully exhale, and quickly spread the little finger, ring finger, middle finger, index finger.

Use the index finger and thumb of one hand to knead the other hand’s fingers. Start with the thumb and do each finger for 10 seconds to breathe smoothly. The palms are combined and the friction between the front and back is slightly hot.

3 minutes a day, help promote blood circulation, relieve wrist muscle soreness, and suffer from wrist spur hyperplasia.