of course,Behind him there must be Shuguang high school players。

Even if it’s not Li Yi,And other people who should be in this position。
Hu Lai can’t turn around,Shifted the football laterally to the side,Full-back Yang Fan。
Then he turned and ran into the penalty area by himself。
After Yang Fan catches the ball,Immediately there will be Shuguang High School players on top,Not let him dribble the ball so easily。
Upon seeing this, Yang Fan passed the football to Ma Shuang, the full-back who retreated to meet him.,Then go forward by yourself。
Ma Shuang received the ball with his back facing offensive,No way to break through with the ball,But he did not pass the football back to Yang Fan who was in front of him.,Because there is still someone from Shuguang High School guarding Yang Fan there,His forward intention is too obvious。
So Ma Shuang passed the football back to the middle,To Xia Xiaoyu。
Xia Xiaoyu was optimistic about the open space before catching the ball——Because of Ma Shuang’s transfer to the middle,Attracted the attention of Sugon High School players,Everyone turned their eyes to the middle,This leads to a gap in their side road。
And that empty space is the direction Yang Fan inserted。
Xia Xiaoyu passed the football without stopping the ball,The football flies above the heads of both players,Fall straight into the void。
Yang Fan got in and appeared in the open and received the ball!
Cheers from the neutral fans cheering for Dongchuan Middle School!
Yang Fan lifted his foot to unload the football,Slightly adjusted,No horse to pass the ball,But continue to the side road belt of Shuguang High School。
Shuguang High School’s left back Zhou Haoxuan cautiously stood in front of him,Did not rush out。
At the same time their midfielder Zheng Qian quickly returned to defense,Prepare to pinch Yang Fan with Zhou Haoxuan。
at the same time,In the restricted area,Shen Yulin is entangled with the opponent’s central defender Hu Qiyan,There are some movements in both hands,Shen Yulin wants to get rid of each other,Hu Qiyan uses both hands and feet,Keep your body inside,Not allow Shen Yulin to successfully settle down。
In addition, Hu Lai is by Shen Yulin’s side,Face Li Yi,Four people huddled around the penalty spot。
Except them,In the restricted area of Shuguang High School,There is also Sun Xiaohai, the right guard who retracted to the door,And the frontier Zhang Hongtao——He ran into the restricted area with Tang Yuan who was in front of Dongchuan Middle School,Now he is also responsible for defending Tang Yuan。Tang Yuan is in the ribs of the restricted area,Occupies the back point。