“Take a look at the remaining two small spirit stones,Enough to condense the Dantian?”

Lin Yu who found this one,I can only take out the collected spirit stones again。
Then from these spiritual stones,Find the two little spirit stones that were just divided into three by yourself。
After getting,Lin Yu started practicing again。
Since the previous two pubic fields absorbed a small piece of spiritual stone,now,Two spirit stones appeared suddenly,Lin Yu intends to condense the Dantian at the heart,Gradually begin to take shape。
Found this one,Lin Yu speeds up absorption。
This absorption,It took three hours。
of course,The reason why it took so long,All because of,The first spiritual stone has filled the dantian。
Current absorption,Is what is needed to condense the third pubic area。
Found my third dantian,About to take shape,Lin Yu muttered excitedly。
of course,The reason why it must be in the heart,There is a reason。
After all now,Level,Getting higher and higher,And own identity,Soon after,Must be exposed。
By the time,There will be countless enemies。
If the position of your heart,If there is a Dantian。
That would be killed by the opponent,The opponent just killed his own Dantian,Instead of killing your own heart。
It’s this one,Lin Yu will condense in the position of Dantian。
“to make!”
I found out before,But at this moment。