What are the contraindications to the mastitis diet?


What are the contraindications to the mastitis diet?

Mastitis is a common breast cancer disease, which causes many causes of mastitis. There are many precautions for patients with mastitis, especially in terms of diet. Is there any contraindication to mastitis diet?

Here are some of the foods that mastitis patients can’t eat.

Mastitis patients diet taboo 1, coffee avoid eating reasons: caffeine in coffee has elevated estrogen effect, greatly increasing the risk of complications such as diabetes and endometrial cancer in patients with mastitis.

2, cream avoid eating reasons: mastitis patients with fever, breast swelling, the best to eat light things, and cream is a high-fat food, causing the disease to worsen.

3, squid avoid eating reasons: squid has the effect of prolactin, so that mastitis patients with too much milk, can not be empty in time, excessive milk leads to the growth of bacteria, thereby aggravating the condition of mastitis.

4, spicy stimulation of food acute mastitis is not a problem caused by heat poisoning, the problem is no money!

Spicy food can help heat the fire, so as to further increase the spread, so should not eat chili, spicy sauce, spicy oil, mustard, mustard, curry, garlic and so on.

5, burning, roasting, frying, frying, warming food, roasting, frying, fried foods, and burning on the head; chicken, lamb, dog, finch, finch, fennel, ginger, wine, fragrant, lychee, longan meat, etc., easy to heat help the fire, making the condition worse.

Mastitis patients should eat food, peanuts (but not indigestible can not eat peanuts), jujube, asparagus daily try to eat, especially jujube (6 per day) adhere to all seasons.

Second, nuts should be eaten often: hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, figs.

Third, such as tomatoes, green vegetables, loofah, cucumber, chrysanthemum brain, sage, fresh sorghum, mung bean soup and so on.

Fourth, kelp meat skin frozen, softening and silting.