Zhongdi Dairy has a net profit growth of over 60% in 2019, intending to enter the downstream industry

On the evening of March 27, Hong Kong-listed dairy company Zhongdi Dairy issued a 2019 performance announcement showing that its income was 14.9.9 billion, an annual increase of 5.2%; adjusted net profit of biological assets is 1.4.0 billion, an annual increase of 65.11%.In order to develop new profit growth points, Zhongdi Dairy said it will explore downstream dairy processing business.Zhongdi Dairy said that in 2019, the Group will strengthen the management of farms, strengthen scientific breeding, and increase the output of dairy cows.As one of the country’s first batch of dairy cow core breeding farms, Zhongdi Dairy also uses multiple technologies to improve and expand high-yield and high-quality dairy herds.As much as possible to improve the efficiency of ranch operations and reduce operating costs, the average unit price of raw milk in Zhongdi Dairy reached 4010 yuan / ton, and increased by 6.3%; previous sales of raw milk was 3.74 years ago, it increased by 5 every year.5%; average milk production of single-head lactating cow is 12.3 tons, an annual increase of 5.1%.In addition, Zhongdi Dairy also imports dairy products such as military cows and alfalfa hay.In 2019, the income from the import trade business of Zhongdi Dairy was 700,000, a year-on-year decrease of 99.3%, mainly due to the decline in total import trade volume.Talking about the development trend of the dairy industry in 2020, Zhongdi Dairy said that the current domestic liquid milk production growth trend is emerging. The future development of pasteurized milk, cheese and other products will be an industry trend, and the product structure will be high-end, differentiated and personalized., To further stimulate the demand for high-quality raw milk.However, by increasing the efficiency of dairy farming, the enthusiasm for the expansion of pasture supplements and the increase in the number of new pastures, it is expected that the supply of raw milk will increase in the future, and the room for milk price rise will be limited.In response to the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia, Zhongdi Dairy stated that the Group has initiated a response mechanism in a timely manner to fully disinfect the vehicles, pasture personnel, cattle, equipment, and the environment. No infection has been found.However, the epidemic prevention and control upgrade has an indirect impact on the daily management of breeding enterprises, the import of raw materials such as forage and raw materials, and the exchange of raw milk transportation. The backlog of downstream dairy products sales has also caused a certain impact on the breeding industry.In the future, the Group will continue to strengthen the fine management of farms, and explore the promotion of downstream dairy products processing business, expand business space and profit growth points.Sauna, night net editor Guo Tie Zhu Fenglan proofreading He Yan