This guy is a counselor,Just a trash character。

It’s no problem to hit such a person,He can solve each other,Because this kind of person doesn’t have any fighting power at all,Can deal with it casually。
Peaked cap is angry!
But now he really doesn’t know how to describe the panic in his heart this time,He shot again and again,Shot point after point,But still didn’t meet each other。。
By this time he knew something was wrong,Big problem,One that makes him unable to understand,Something that can’t be convinced。
During this period, he shot dozens of times in a row,But I still can’t touch each other,From this point, he knew there must be a problem。
Chapter One Hundred and Forty One Join forces
This guy in front of me,Either pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger,Either it is a guy who is really powerful enough that he can’t describe it。
And this made him feel uneasy,He thinks impossible,How could this person be so strong,There must be something in it that he doesn’t know!
This guy should pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger!There is no more suitable reason other than this reason,Think of it here,He gritted his teeth again when he looked at Huang Lei,His inner fighting spirit was completely activated,Now he can’t take care of so much and can’t care so much anymore,He has to make this guy pay the price he deserves,Just like now,He won’t make the other person feel better!
“go withSBar!”