“I do not have。”Qiao Yiyi’s face became cold again,As if I haven’t laughed。

“You smile beautifully,Smile more afterwards。”Mo Xiaosheng knows her temper,Smiled。
Now the hall is in a mess,Mo Xiaosheng and the others have no need to stay here,Get up and leave。
At this moment the lobby manager ran over immediately,“Wang Shao,How am i doing this?”
“Nothing wrong,Resign today,Go to work tomorrow。”I patted his chest,Followed by the Mo Xiaoshengdao:“Niche,Just now, thanks to this kid, he told me the news when he saw it,Otherwise, the results are unimaginable。”
“Thank you。”Qiao Yiyi thanked the hall manager,She remembered what happened just now,Still a little scared。
“Wang Xuan,After finishing the emperor green jade,Remember to give him a piece for me,A little bit。”Mo Xiaosheng is also very grateful to this hall manager。
“thank……thank,Thank you Shao Mo,Thank you Shao Mo!”The lobby manager was a little incoherent excitedly,That’s Emperor Green!
Zhou Chen sent them to the door of the hotel and went back,I don’t know what it looks like.,He has to go back and clean up the mess。
“Niche,The money has already hit Sister-in-law’s card。”Wang Xuan said before leaving。
When going back,Joey was silent,Dull face,Seems to be preoccupied。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t speak either,As always,Still turning his head and looking out the window,He knew after he went back,Qiao Yiyi will definitely have a lot to ask him,Tonight he has no choice,Exposed too much。
Back home,Qiao Yiyi directly dragged Mo Xiaosheng into the room,Shut the door with a slam。
“Say!What’s going on tonight!”
Qiao Yiyi pushed Mo Xiaosheng to the wall,Looking at him with a frosty face。
“What’s going on,well,Speak as we speak,Call me on the ground floor。”Mo Xiaosheng’s eyes dodge。
“If you don’t tell the truth, you sleep on the balcony today!”Qiao Yiyi said coldly。