Eat a good diet and nutrition first meal after fitness

Eat a good diet and nutrition first meal after fitness

Fitness is naturally good for the body, and nutritional supplementation after fitness is also important.

A post-workout meal is essential for a post-workout person.

When supplemented with appropriate fluorescence, it can transform the catabolic state (burning muscles to provide energy) into anabolic state (enhancing muscle volume) caused by training.

  The success or failure of nutritional supplements after exercise depends on how you reinsert them.

Supplementing vitamins after fitness can promote the secretion of insulin, an anabolic hormone.

  Insulin plays three important roles in muscle recovery: 1.

Can “drive” sugar from carbohydrate food into the muscles and reserve energy for the next training session.


Can “drive” amino acids from protein foods into muscle tissue and promote muscle growth.


Can inhibit the catabolism of adrenocortical hormone (a hormone secreted by the human body during high-intensity training).

  The amount of plasma supplement is generally 2-2 per pound of body weight per day for women.

5 grams, male 2.


5 grams.

In order to make better use of the anabolic opportunities after fitness, it is best to arrange 25% of daily glucose immediately after fitness.

  After fitness, the composite polycarbonate is combined at a ratio of 3: 1 and simply facilitates rapid and long-lasting release of the injection, avoiding avoiding hypoglycemia.

Don’t just absorb simple carbohydrates, because their digestive shifts, the secretion of recombination will soon peak and fall.

In itself, it stimulates terrible catabolism, because the body will secrete another hormone in order to prevent the rapid decline of insulin levels, which can cause catabolism and damage muscle tissue.

  Heavy training consumes muscle amino acid and glycogen reserves (in addition, it is the main energy source during training).

As the training progresses, the body continuously consumes muscle glycogen reserves.

If glycogen reserves are too low, it will cause the body to change its energy source-using more protein as fuel.

A part of the protein comes from food and most comes from muscle tissue.

  Protein after fitness supplementation. A meal after fitness should avoid replacing protein foods that are difficult to digest, such as chicken, beef, steak, etc., but should choose milk, eggs, high protein and other easily digestible foods.

The purpose of eating at this time is to deliver excess amino acids to muscles and provide raw materials for muscle growth.