1m 66 girls swimming pool shallow water area drowning into vegetative parents subsidies 1.9 million_1

1m 66 girls swimming pool shallow water area drowning into vegetative parent subsidies 1.9 million
Height 1.The 66-meter female college student swims in the community, but in 1.Drowning in a 2 meter deep swimming pool becomes a vegetative.Parents took the pool operator and community property management company to court on their behalf, spending 1.9 million yuan.Yesterday, the case was openly heard in Guicheng People’s Court of Nanhai District People’s Court of Foshan City.Female student drowning in the swimming pool in the community of a girl is 19 years old. Xiao Qing is a college student in a college in Changsha.In the summer of 2014, Xiaoqing came to Foshan where her parents worked.In order to reduce the burden on her parents, she taught her father, Nan Hai, an 11-year-old child, Xiao Yong (pseudonym).  At about 7:50 pm on August 7 last year, Xiao Qing and Xiao Yong went to a swimming pool in a community in the South China Sea.About 10 minutes after going into the water, Xiao Qing was found lying sideways in the swimming pool drowning and comatose.Lifeguards carried out the rescue on the spot. About 20 minutes later, the medical staff arrived and Xiaoqing was taken to Nanhai District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for rescue, and then transferred to Guangzhou Pearl River Hospital and Guangdong Sanjiu Brain Hospital for treatment.The diagnosis of the three hospitals is similar: the enlarged hypoxic encephalopathy, secondary epilepsy, and severe hypoxic brain damage. The patient is currently in a vegetative state with stable vital signs but only blinks and swallows.  Four months after the incident, Xiaoqing’s parents, as Xiaoqing’s legal agent, will become the swimming pool operator, a sports development company in Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as the sports company) and the community property management company, and they will sue the court for 1.9 million yuan.yuan.One of the biggest compensation items is the care fee. Xiaoqing’s parents believe that because Xiaoqing has become a vegetative, two people need care. According to the standard of 70 yuan/day for 20 years, it needs more than 1.02 million yuan.In addition, his parents followed the first-degree disability legal damage compensation of more than 230,000 yuan and mental damage relief payment of 20 million.  After the evidence case, on January 5 this year, the judge organized both parties to conduct pre-trial evidence exchange, and based on the plaintiff’s application to entrust an appraisal agency to appraise Xiaoqing’s disability rating.After identification, Xiaoqing is indeed a first-class disability.The two sides held each other’s courts and the court did not pronounce the case against the sports company that the plaintiff was too weird to drown because Xiaoqing was 1 in height.66 meters, and the drowning point is the shallow water area of the isolation zone, about 0 deep.At 95 meters, it only reaches Xiaoqing’s waist. For adults of average height, shallow water is not a dangerous area.Moreover, Xiaoqing’s admission and discharge reports showed symptoms of secondary seizures, and Xiaoqing suffered from overeating when she was on the water. She was in the physiological period when she was on the water, so she was drunk due to her own physical reasons.The company is not at fault and is suspected of taking any responsibility.The company was founded by college students who graduated from the Institute of Physical Education. It has only been three years since its establishment. Under the circumstances of a very reasonable economy, the company still provided 70,000 yuan for the plaintiff’s treatment.  The property management company believes that the swimming pool in question is shared by all the owners of the community and is subcontracted to the sports company for operation according to law.According to the contract between the two parties, the sports company shall bear all the liability for personal injury compensation.Therefore, even if the property management company has to bear part of the compensation liability, the part of the compensation liability should also be borne by the sports company.  Lawyer Xiaoqing believes that the Defendant’s presence of vomiting when he was rescued by the Defendant caused the Defendant to be overeat and had no factual basis.Paroxysmal twitching, the cause of secondary epilepsy, is medically identified and may be caused by excessive drowning.As defenders of the swimming pool, the two defendants failed to meet their safety and security obligations, promptly discovered drowning and implemented effective rescue as soon as possible, which caused the plaintiff to miss the best rescue opportunity, and the second defendant provided a major defect in the service, and paid compensation for the loss of the plaintiff’s warning.responsibility.The court did not pronounce the sentence in court.