Yanzi continued to say。

“Nonsense!I did a great job on my first mission!This dead Yang Zhi,Run the train,See how I will deal with him next time I see him!”
Qin Liang couldn’t help but speak this time,Swallow was taken aback,She turned her face and found out,Qin Liang, Shen Ruoxi and the others are all following behind her。
“You shouldn’t clean up Yang Zhi,Just the opposite,You should thank him well,Think about it:Yanzi encountered such a big setback the first time he performed the mission,This will leave a big shadow on her psychology,Will directly cause her negative emotions,Yang Zhi said that on purpose,Just to make the swallow cheer up again,Regain the courage and confidence to face future tasks。”
Yang Shiyun spoke。
“Then he can’t tell me anything,Why doesn’t he talk about himself?”
Qin Liang started to be hypocritical。
“You were already the top fighter of Dragon Soul,Telling you about things is more persuasive and influential than telling things about Yang Zhi himself,Don’t you understand such a simple truth??”
Yang Shiyun said contemptuously。
“Ok……Calculate what you said makes sense。”
Qin Liang has nothing to say。
“So don’t look at when I see Yang Zhi,Always bullying him,Actually, I respect him very much in my heart,He is a very good dragon soul warrior,Is also a good elder brother of mine。”
Yanzi smiled and said to everyone。
“Hey,How do I listen to what you mean,Are you saying I’m not a good master!”
Qin Liang started again。
“I didn’t say that!But,In those few years, you did not care about me at all,When I encounter difficulties and setbacks,You don’t even have a shadow。”